EDS Solution to Akçaray Tram Line

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Park Akçaray Tram, which serves the people of Kocaeli, is increasing inspections. The drivers who are still watching the camera systems and do not obey the traffic rules and park their vehicles on the tram line are subject to criminal proceedings. 2018 will be audited from the beginning of the year with the Electronic Audit System (EDS).


Used with great interest by the people of Kocaeli Akçaray, quality and outage offers a transportation. In order to ensure the smooth transportation of the tram line, the Metropolitan Municipality Transport Park teams inspect the traffic on the line with the camera system. In particular, the parking lot of the vehicles that prevent the movement of trams on the rails is taken by taking the plates, traffic teams are reported and criminal procedure is applied.


The inspections made by the follow-up of the cameras of the Metropolitan teams will be done with EDS. As of the beginning of 2018, EDS will be placed at the tram intersections and where there is traffic density and automatic criminal procedure will be started.

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