Second stage starts in Akçaray

The 2. The tender process for the stage started. Providing information about the project, the general secretary İlhan Bayram said, tram Tram will go to Kuruçeşme center ”

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Meeting in October was held today. At the meeting, an election was held for the duty of the council member of AKP's Hasan Ayaz. Ayaz Bozkurt was elected as a council member instead of Ayaz. Izmit and Metropolitan Municipal Councils Hasan Ayaz who resigned from the Izmit assembly CHP Ercan Umutlu came to the Metropolitan.

The general secretary of the municipality İlhan Bayram made a short presentation at the meeting. Bayram, who made a presentation on rail systems, said, uz We are going to the second stage of Akçaray. Our goal was to reduce traffic in the city. The target in the project is to carry 14 thousand passengers per day. Last week we carried 28 thousand passengers per day. He took a tram in Izmit. Our friends planned it. Approval was taken and the tender stage of the second stage. We will make an additional 4 stop from Seka Park. Elginkan Foundation will go up to the section. Then the second stage of the same tender will be the last stop on the way to the treatment plant on the Beach Road. But the project will continue after that. We're going over D-100. 2.2 kilometers. After that, we have a project to take the tram gradually to different points of the city. There will be a tram to the center of Kuruçeşme ”.

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