Defective of İBB's akbil return machine kazanci 196 million

TükoDer blamed the IMM for the citizens not knowing what the return machines at the metrobus stations are for. kazanHe stated that he provided ç.

The Consumer Protection Association (TükoDer) has regretted that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality did not inform about the use of the return machines at the metrobus stops. kazanHe stated that he provided ç.

Publishing a written statement, TukoDer President Aziz Kocal stated that the citizens were not informed about the gradual pricing (pay as you go) system and return machines at the metrobus stations, and that the passengers who landed at the intermediate stations left extra money in the İBB's safe.


In the statement, Tüyap (Beylikdüzü), the first stop on the metrobus, and Söğütlüçeşme (the last stop,KadıköyIt is emphasized that the fee received is 3,85 TL, but these charges vary according to the number of stops visited with the gradual pricing system (pay as much as you go). It was stated that this pricing system is not known to most citizens and that the metrobus transportation fee is considered as 3,85 TL for all distances.


Metrobus distance pricing; 1-3 stops between 1,95 TL, 4-9 stops between 3,00 TL, 10-15 stops between 3,25 TL, 16-21 stops between 3,40 TL, 22-27 stops between 3,50 TL, In the statement that is stated to be 28 TL between 33-3,60 stops, 34 TL between 39-3,85 stops and above, “3,85 TL, which is the first and last stop when you read your Istanbul card or akbil, is charged from your card. If you want to take advantage of the “pay as you go” system when you get off between the two stops, you need to have your Istanbul card or your mind read to the return machines at the metrobus stops. The problem starts here too. Nearly ninety percent of our citizens do not know what these return machines at the Metrobus stops do and how they will benefit from the gradual pricing in the metrobus. ”


It was stated that the majority of the citizens using intermediate stops could not be aware of this application because the municipal officials did not put an informative letter on the return machines at the Metrobus stations. However, when using the metrobus, 20 TL is charged from the Istanbul card. If Istanbul card is not scanned at checkout machines, a difference of 3.40 cents occurs when using the metrobus twice a day, morning and evening. If a citizen who goes to work 3.85 days a week does not know this method, he pays the extra metrobus 0,90 TL per month and 6 TL per year. These amounts flow to the İBB's coffers. ”


Metrobuses daily 800.000 more than 196.560.000,00 daily passengers and the number of passengers using the intermediate stops is stated that the average of seven hundred thousand people, citizens who do not use the return machines, the average XNUMX TL in the year of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was left to the coffers.

TükoDer President Aziz Koçal stated that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality served defective and said, “It is the universal right of the consumer to be informed. These return machines at the Metrobus stops should be written to warn our citizens using their intermediate stops that they should have their Istanbul cards or their veterans scanned to these devices. In addition, tables showing staged pricing tariffs in a readable size to the places where our citizens can see should be hanged at all stops and the conditions for using this tariff should be written. The authorities should eliminate the victimization of our citizens and give up this defective service by making this application informing the citizens as soon as possible. If our citizens who use intermediate stops read their cards at the check-in machines at the exit, they will stay in their pockets for 280,80 TL per year ”.

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