Karaosmanoğlu: "Akçaray added great value to Kocaeli"

The Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu traveled by getting on the tram that started operating in Izmit and served the public with a number above the targeted passenger capacity. Karaosmanoğlu, who goes from SEKA Park area to Izmit center, with citizens who use the tram during the journey. sohbet He did not neglect to do it. Stating that they are happy to meet an important need of our city in terms of transportation, Karaosmanoğlu stated that “We are very pleased that our citizens smile with this service”.


After the start of the tram service in Izmit, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken big steps to make life easier in Kocaeli with its different transportation investments, will be one of the most important investments at this point. The project of Metro Project to be made for Darıca-Gebze and Organized Industrial Zones is planned to be laid in the first half of 2018. . President Karaosmanoğlu stated that there has been a transformation in transportation on the tram ride in Izmit and said: TL We will realize another transformation project in our Gebze region with our metro project, which will have an estimated budget of 2.5 billion TL. Our tram project in Izmit has been a very important start in the transition to rail systems in Kocaeli. İzmit


Speaking about the importance of the project, which will reduce the transportation between Darica, Gebze and OIZs to 19 minutes, and providing information to the citizens during their journey, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu said, “Our metro line will be a total of 15.6 kilometers of round trip in total. We will make our subway project that will serve with 32 stations with our own budget. ” Emphasizing that the foundation of the Republic will take the Metro in Gebze in the 12th anniversary of the establishment, Karaosmanoğlu said, “We are planning to hold the tender in early 100. We will hit the first pickaxe of our subway and we will have laid the foundation in the same year.


Karaosmanoğlu stated that the tram project, which was built without damaging the environment in accordance with the demands of the citizens, was the most important means of transportation thanks to the quality service provided by the tram today and said, ta We are proud to bring our service to our city today with the permission of Allah. We were trying to provide a comfortable transportation to our people. Thank God we did it. Hopefully, we will extend our tram line from the schools to the Beach Road. Our service length will grow with the extension of the line in the opposite direction. For now, one of the most important investments of our city, which will serve between SEKA Park and the bus station Akçaray, will add to the city with iron networks will almost wrap en he said.

“We are working with a great deal“

Indicating that the tram provides a comfortable and fast urban transportation to our people, Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu, mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, said, ulaşım Because my fellow citizens deserve the best of everything. It deserves to benefit from the fast, comfortable and safe transportation opportunities brought by the age to our citizens. As Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, we are working with our friends with great care to offer our people the service they deserve. Because we know that to serve this nation, to serve the public to serve the right is to serve the statement. Çünkü



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