Transportation in Izmir N Republic Day tariff uş public transportation Bayram 1 kuruş '

29 Metropolitan Municipality who wants to participate in the October Republic Day events, set the public transportation tariff as kur 1 kuruş ini and extended its voyages until midnight. Due to the celebrations to be held in the Republic and Gundogdu squares, there will be additional voyages in the ferry, metro and some bus lines.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Republic of Turkey 94. 29 organizes additional services for the attendees of the ceremonies, as well as the N 1 dime UM transportation schedule to be implemented on October Sunday. Expedition hours were extended until midnight to ensure the return of citizens to participate in events to be held in Cumhuriyet Square and Gündoğdu Square.

ESHOT, İZBAN, Metro and Tram
According to this, by the General Directorate of ESHOT; 12 No. F.Altay-Halkapınar Metro, Evka63 Metro-Konak No 3, Şirinyer Transmission 70-Halkapınar Metro, Bozyaka-Halkapınar Metro No 80, Gaziemir No: 90 / Social Residences-Halkapınar Metro, 121 Numbered Bostanlı İskele-Konak, F.Altay-Halkapınar Metro with the number 581, and Aegean Sea and Sea Lines with the number 802 were extended to 01.00.

Izmir Metro and Karşıyaka Due to the Republic Day on the tram last flights will be made at 01.00.
Two additional flights will be held after midnight in İZBAN. In 01.14, two additional trains will move from Alsancak to Aliaga direction and 01.30 from Alsancak to Cumaovasi. The last transfer between İZBAN and İzmir Metro will be held at Halkapınar in 01.25.

Additional flights in the Gulf
IZDENIZ General Directorate, on the Republic Day, in addition to the normal passenger flights on which the Sunday schedule is applied, will make additional flights according to the passenger density. Karşıyaka and Konak Piers and Alsancak-Passport line where 29 October activities will be held will be held ready to make additional voyages. In addition to the flights normally ending on Sunday at 23: 35, the hours will be extended to 00: 35.

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