Questions from CHP's Akyıldız to Minister Arslan 'Ankara Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project'

CHP Sivas Deputy Ali Akyildiz construction of the Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line problems of the Assembly carried the agenda.

CHP Sivas Deputy Ali Akyıldız, Sivas YHT Train Station will be done next to the current train station, Karşıyaka Bridge and Red River of the infrastructure work is done, the state budget is a very serious money is spent, then the route change made in vain money deducted from their taxes Sivaslı citizen, said: Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan responded to the prompt Turkey's Grand National Assembly gave the Presidency to parliamentary questions .

The Sivas-Ankara YHT Line, which was announced that the interval between Sivas and Ankara will fall to 2016 hours in 2.5, will be put into service in 2012, was later postponed to 2014 and 2016, and will be put into service in 2018 in the latest statements. has been specified. " said.

"It is planned that YHT Station will be built next to the existing train station, Karşıyaka Infrastructure works have been made in the Bridge and Kızılırmak area and money has been spent in a very serious way from the state budget. Later, it was said that the route will be changed and YHT Station will be built into Cumhuriyet University Campus, on the edge of Kızılırmak River. Upon this Karşıyaka In the section from the neighborhood to Cumhuriyet University, the land of around 3500 citizens was expropriated. "

According to the information made in Sivas public recently, it is reported that there are problems in the ground studies conducted in Cumhuriyet University, that the company that took the tender went bankrupt before the work started and the project was changed again and YHT Station would be held in the center.

For this reason, it is claimed that the wages paid to the citizens during expropriation will be taken back with daily current value interests. " saying,

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Mr. Ahmet Arslan addressed the following questions:
- “What is the latest status of the High Speed ​​Train project between Ankara and Sivas? How much has been completed? "
- "Where is Sivas YHT Station planned to be built?"
- "YHT Station is planned to be built in the center Karşıyaka Why has the route changed after the infrastructure works done by spending a lot of money in the neighborhood and Kızılırmak region? "
- "Who has been rented by wasting the money deducted from the taxes of my Sivas brothers?"
- "While there are so many rumors in Sivas, why does no official make a statement about where the YHT Station will be built?"
- “Are the claims that there are problems in the ground studies conducted at Cumhuriyet University, that the tender company went bankrupt and that the project will be changed again and the YHT Station will be built in the center? If these allegations are true, do the rumors that the wages paid to our citizens around 3500 when expropriating will be taken back with daily current value interests reflect the truth? "
- "When do you intend to complete and put into service the High Speed ​​Train Project between Ankara and Sivas?"

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