Field Applied Course for AGU Construction Department Students

Abdullah Gül University (AGU) Department of Civil Engineering students are given some courses in the field of transportation in Kayseri Transportation Inc. (Kayseray). Thus, students have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in the field and benefit from sectoral experiences.

The fourth and third grade students of the Department of Civil Engineering carry out Kayseri Transportation Railway Engineering course at the facilities of Kayseri Transport Inc. in Organize Sanayi.

The courses are held in the field of cooperation between AGU and Kayseri Transport Inc. (Kayseray), within the scope of the cooperation protocol on the development of innovative courses for the üzere Transportation inde field to be applied in the undergraduate education of the Civil Engineering Department.

One of the lecturers of AGU Civil Engineering Department. Under the coordination of Halil İbrahim Fedakar, the Railway Engineering course, which is being carried out with the authorities of Kayseri Transport Inc., will continue throughout the term.

In the spring semester, Kayseri Transportation Railway Design Project will also be held in the field.

In both courses, students who learn by touching and doing in the field will benefit from the sectoral experiences gained in the design and construction of the rail transportation systems of Kayseri Transport Inc., along with the theoretical knowledge in the trainings related to railway engineering.

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