Kardemir Bids New Environmental Investment

Kardemir A.Ş. has completed the tender for a new environmental investment and determined the contractor firm. With the decision taken by the Board of Directors at the meeting dated 12.10.2017, in line with the authority given to the General Directorate, the tender for the "Melt Shop Converter and Mine Pit Dust Collection System" was completed.

The officials of ALFER Engineering firm, which made the most suitable bid for the “Melt Shop Converter and Mine Pit Dust Collection System” tender, were invited to Kardemir today. As a result of the negotiations made with the company officials at the Kardemir Purchasing Department, a technical and commercial agreement was reached between the parties. The protocol prepared after the agreement was signed by General Manager Ercüment Ünal and Purchasing Manager Harun Cebeci on behalf of Kardemir, while company official Cem Özdemiroğlu signed the protocol on behalf of ALFER Engineering.

Kardemir General Manager Ercüment Ünal, who shook hands with ALFER Engineering official Cem Özdemiroğlu for the “Melt Shop Convertor and Mine Pit Dust Collection System” tender, wished that the tender would be beneficial for both the parties and Karabük. Ünal gave the following views in his statement:

“As it is known, last week I visited our Mayor, Mr. Rafet Vergili, and at the joint press conference we held with them, I made statements about the environmental investments that our company has made so far and will be made on a calendar from now on. In this statement, I stated that there are environmental investments to be made in the areas of Sinter, Coke, Blast Furnaces and Meltshop and that the tenders for these investments will be concluded quickly and the investments will be started and environmental investments of approximately 2018 million USD will be completed by the end of 50. We also informed our Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Mr. Mehmet Ceylan, about our environmental investments to be made, and presented our Environmental Progress Report to the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization of the Governorship of Karabük.

Today, we have completed the tender of one of our most important environmental investments and determined the contractor firm. We tendered the Meltshop Converter and Mine Pit Dust Collection System to ALFER Engineering. The company will quickly start the investment process. This investment will be completed by the end of 2018. I wish it to be beneficial for both parties and our Karabük. As it is known, our environmental investment regarding the establishment of Dust Collection and Dedusting Systems at Various Points of the Sinter Factory, which we disclosed to the public in June and whose contractor firm is also ALFER Engineering, continues. The Blast Furnace Dedusting System tender was created earlier this week and the tender will be closed on Wednesday, November 8, 2017. We want to quickly complete the tender process for this investment. Thus, we will have started all projects related to environmental investments by the end of the year. As we promised to our Mayor in January 2018, we will present the progress report of the investments showing that all investments have started with the participation of our Mayor in Kardemir, and we will evaluate the environmental investments assembly works on site together.

In June this year, Kardemir has completed the Lime Plant Dedusting System and put into operation previously. 50 MW Power Plant, Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, Biological Treatment Plant, OPG 100 Boilers Electric Filter Systems, Steel Plant Gas Cleaning System, New Sintered Electro Filters and Bag Dust Dust Collecting System, 50 ton / hour capacity Gas Burning Boiler, Radiation Measurement Station, Conveyor Gas Collection System, Converter Secondary Dust Collecting System, Air Quality Monitoring Station, Yenişehir Heat Power Plant Natural Gas Conversion, C Project Precipitation Pool, Dry Type Gas Cleaning System, Emission and Air Quality Measurements, Blast Furnace 2 and Blast Furnace 3 Peak Gas Analyzer Systems, Continuous Emission (Dust + Gas) Measurement System, Factory-wide Overhead Line and Drinking Water Line Variations, Yenisehir Drinking Water Pipeline Exchange, New Slag Evaluation Facility, Desulphurization Plant (Dust Collection System) Included), New Junk Holder, Sludge Dewatering Plant Filter Press, 3. Continuous Casting Plant Cooling Water and Water Systems, Coke Plants Dust Suppression Systems, 1 Blast Furnace Dust Collector System, 1 Blast Furnace Charge and Dedusting System, Blast Furnace Mineral Processing Dust Suppression System, Sinter 1 and Sinter 2 Machines ESP Maintenance Has completed nearly $ 100 Million USD environmental investments, such as the Renewal of the Central Waste Water Treatment Plant Online Station.

In Kardemir, the Flue Gas Desulphurization Plants of Sinter 1-2 and 3 Machines, Improvement of Biological Treatment Facilities, Crushing and Screening Plants Dust Collection Systems and concreting of the roads on the main route within the factory site in order to reduce the concentration of particulate matter continue.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:43

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