758 projects in Bursa are ready for the future

3, which was held in the meeting hall of Bursa Governorship Wednesday service building. At the Provincial Coordination Meeting, the projects that will carry the city to the future, especially the education area, and the projects under construction were discussed.

Governor Küçük, speaking at the meeting which will be held in Bursa, will meet the needs of the city for a long time and the projects and ongoing investments will be discussed. X There are total 758 projects in our province. 99, one of them is completed, works are underway at 524, and the tender for the 135 project is under preparation. The most important of these is in the field of education with the 103 project, 45 project transportation, 86 project agriculture, in the field of culture, energy, health, forestry, mining, such as outstanding efforts are continuing.

I have mentioned the contents of these works in previous press conferences. We expect the Izmir highway to be completed in 2019. The tender for the high-speed train project between Ankara and Istanbul is over and the works are continuing unceasingly and will be completed in 2019. The percentage of 30 is completed, our city hospital is continuing work, about 1,5 will complete 130 school in the year. We are in good condition as the indoor sports hall, especially the halls of our municipalities. "said.

The meeting ended with a question and answer session after the presentation of the corporate representatives about their projects.

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