Antalya's Total Rail System Line Will Reach 3 Kilometers in the 55rd Stage

Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel, 3. He said that if the Etap Rail System Project is implemented, the longest rail system line will be in Antalya after Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

Mayor Menderes Türel, 5 3 will be held in November. Before the Stage Rail System Project referendum, Zafer, Atatürk, Yeşiltepe and Kanal neighborhoods held an information meeting. Meeting, AK Party Antalya Deputy Mustafa Kose, Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü, council members, mukhtars and citizens attended.

Stating that they are making great efforts to introduce Antalya to the world's most modern and modern projects, Mayor Türel said, “Many of our projects have begun now. And these projects are really projects that will enrich Antalya and Antalya. These projects will contribute to the economy of the city and each will be a new bread gate business gate. Many of our citizens will have jobs in these projects. With the quality it has brought to the city, the income level of Antalya and our countrymen will increase. That's all we have to worry about. They criticize us from time to time. They say, 'Menderes Türel Boğaçayı Project is what will help me. The coast project will do me a favor. All of them will enter the pocket of the tradesmen living in Antalya in terms of the economic value it provides. Within the Boğaçayı Project, 10 will own a thousand Antalya business. After the project is finished, our brothers who will work here will be your wife's friend or family. ”

Pointing out that the only modern solution of the traffic problem in the world is the modern modern public transportation system, Türel said: dünya This is how the world solves this. In our first period, we completed the 11 km rail system. In the second period, we immediately made 18 km more from Meydandan-Airport-Aksu-EXPO line. We finished 5.5 per month. We broke our own record. These are worthy of Antalya. These are the services that Antalya deserves. But when you look at the period before us, the sheets did not move. Did they make an intersection after we left? Were they able to add an 1 meter rail system? Why couldn't they. The reason is clear. Working with effort is of course a harmonious togetherness, but the most important of these is to worry about the problems of your nation. We are suffering from your troubles day and night. We work day and night. If these services were easy, they would have done before us. ”

Before the 2014 elections, he said “I will do big projects by asking the nation Tür and he said, If they say“ do it, don't do it, o he says. That's why now, not only in the rail system project, from Sarampol to Ali Beetinkaya street beautification, 2. Stage rail system, 3. Until the stage rail system, formerly known as Çallı Junction with the new name 15 July Martyrs We have always asked our citizens to carry out all the important decisions from the transportation of the statue in our junction to the construction of an intersection. If the citizen says do it, do it, if it says do it, it is okay, ”he said.

President Türel continued: “3. Our President, Prime Minister and Ministers gave great support to the Stage Rail System Project for obtaining the necessary permissions. This support has brought us back to the construction phase. But before we start our tender, we are going to a referendum, that is, a popular vote. 5 In November, Sunday at the polling stations, in the park next to Veyselkarani Mosque in Yeşiltepe Neighborhood, in Hüseyin Ak Elementary School in Zafer Neighborhood, in Mimar Sinan Elementary School in Kanal Neighborhood and in Atatürk Anatolian High School in Atatürk Neighborhood. you will have a chance. We receive voter lists from the election board with the same electoral discipline. You go to the place of voting with your identities, and you cast your vote by using your secret ballot in the voting booth by showing your identity. And so after the voting process, after 17.00, the ballot box, which consists of a public official, a civil servant, a muhtar or a civilian official, opens the chests in front of everyone. And the results of the voting process come out. ”

Referendum 3. Mayor Menderes Türel stated that they will do in the 23 neighborhood on the stage route and said, “The same 2. Stage, as we did. 2. The stage was in the 22 neighborhood from Aksu to Meydan and it was a very nice participation. 8 thousand 400 citizens joined. 98.42 said yes we want this rail system project. If you want, we are ready to do the necessary. Such a contemporary, modern, comfortable transportation system to spread all of us to the dream of Antalya. Your support in this matter is extremely important. Because we can do these services with your support ”.

Stating that there is currently a rail system network of approximately 30 km in Antalya, Türel said, “3. With the stage, 55 will rise to km 3. After Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, the longest rail system will be in Antalya. 149 has an investment of € million. That's more than half a quadrillion on old money. May you sacrifice. ”

President Türel continued: siz You have the decision on this issue. You are the real architects of these services and these projects. We can do it with your support. Our services and cooperation with our President, Prime Minister, Ministers and our team captain in Antalya, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, MPs, Mayors, especially the Governor, Antalya and Ankara bureaucracy reveal these services. Look, I handed the signature of this third stage rail system to our ministers. I'm performing the duty of paperwork officer of the Metropolitan Municipality in Ankara. I'm honored, too, which is an honor for me. As long as we solve the country. When you look at what they were saying before us, 'Why we go to Ankara, we are the mayor of Antalya, Ankara, come to our feet' they said. We heard them. We are experiencing the happiness, honor and dignity of being a servant to the nation. End

Millet The nation draws our road map, Tür says Türel, X If you say yes in 5 November, we will give Kepez a beautiful rail system necklace in December. 5 In November, we especially care that all our fellow countrymen are at the polls. If you have strong support, we will say that we will continue. Nation and decision of the nation, "he said.

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