Kalkan: 3.500 Ticket Sold by Garda 100 Ticket Sells Hard

. Years ago, 3500 tickets were sold at the Adapazari Train Station, where 100 tickets were sold, den he said.
Ömür Kalkan statement;

20 On August 2017, ADARAY flights were stopped because Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality did not complete the certification process. After this process, running out of Pendik-Arifiye Ada began to move at Mithatpaşa Station. This service, which is presented to the public as a blessing, has become a grief.

Every train arriving to Mithatpaşa station which is not available as infrastructure is 7 km away from the airport. The cost of the trains that cannot enter the Adapazarı Train Station located in the city center at 3,5 km away from the fact that they are not compatible with the modern city concept is increasing day by day.

Many years ago, the 3500 ticket is sold in the Adapazari Train Station today, the 100 ticket is difficult to sell. Do they not see that the reason people prefer the train is to move from the center? Is it not enough to show the importance of the train stations in the city centers?

For modernization and landscaping of the Adapazari Train Station, railways are now waiting for the 5 to pay close to a million. Derince, the opening of the Gulf and Hereke stations and the opening of Haydarapaşa Gar in the 2018 will reach the old traffic density of the last stop Adapazarı Gar 's trying to remove this allowance is being waited. Is it preferable to invest in Adapazarı Gar which is preferred by the people or to Mithatpaşa Station, which is not preferred?

Apparently, it is not enough to save the day by looking for a local solution by carrying passengers to Mithatpaşa from the center with the City Bus.

Our neighbor in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality light rail in the center of the city 2. While determining the stage routes, we are discussing the functionality of Adapazarı Gar in the center of the city. Adarapazarı Gar and Mithatpasa until the railway is removed from the last wah vah to say no meaning. For Sakarya it would be a historic mistake.

Why didn't a service like ADARAY continue to be available on the ready-made railways of the TCDD and the passenger potential has gradually developed? TACD could operate ADARAY, whose Adapazarı-Arifiye-Sapanca route is expected to be extended to Kocaeli. In fact, the old Uzunkum Station, Yuzevler and Arifiye will be made in the summer with the stations to be carried out in the summer, especially in the doubt no one doubt that the potential passenger will reach.
As a matter of fact, such a service for TCDD, Sakarya politicians and Sakarya people who are willing to fate the image of the silent stay.

Both Adapazari Gar and Adapazari will be enlivened by both Ada Ekspresi and ADARAY.

Maybe it will open the horizon of our Sakarya, which cannot make Rail Transport on the plain plain. Belki


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