Kalkan: 3.500 Ticket Sold by Garda 100 Ticket Sells Hard

Turkish Transportation-You Sakarya Branch President Ömür Kalkan said, "Today, 3500 tickets are hard to sell at Adapazarı Train Station, where 100 tickets were sold years ago," said Ömür Kalkan.
In the description of Ömür Kalkan;

20 On August 2017, ADARAY flights were stopped due to the failure of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality to complete the certification process. After this process, Ada Express, which runs between Pendik and Arifiye, started to move in Mithatpaşa Station. Served as a gift to the public, this service has turned into an ordeal.

Every train that comes to Mithatpaşa station, which is not available as an infrastructure, goes back to Arifiye, which is 7 km away, and tries to serve Mithatpaşaya again after checking the cleaning and wagon technicians. The cost of trains that cannot enter the Adapazarı Train Station in the city center, which is at 3,5 km away for reasons that are incompatible with modern city understanding, is increasing day by day.

Many years ago, 3500 tickets were sold at Adapazarı Train Station. Today, 100 tickets are hardly sold. Don't they see that the reason why people prefer the train is to move from the center? Is it not enough to show the importance of the train stations in the city centers if the bus companies provide shuttle services to the city centers?

For the modernization and landscaping of the Adapazari Railway Station, the railways have already prepared nearly X million allowances, and are now waiting. Derince, Gulf and Hereke stations and the opening of the Haydarapaşa Station in 5 with the opening of the old traffic density of the last stop of the route Adapazarı Gar is trying to lift this allowance. Is it more correct to invest in Adapazarı Gar, which is preferred by the people, or in Mithatpaşa Station, which is not preferred?

Apparently, it is not enough to save the day by looking for a local solution by transporting passengers from the Center to Mithatpaşa by the Municipality bus.

Our neighbor Kocaeli Municipality 2 on the light rail in the center of the city. While discussing the routes, we discuss the functionality of Adapazarı Gar in the center of the city. Adarapazarı Gar and Mithatpaşaya until the railway was dismantled, there is no sense to say the last woe. It would be a historical mistake for Sakarya.

Why doesn't a service like ADARAY, which has started to operate on the ready railway of TCDD and has gradually developed passenger potential, does not continue ?. ADCDAY, which is envisaged to extend to Adapazarı-Arifiye-Sapanca and even Kocaeli, can run TCDD Transportation Inc. Even the old Uzunkum Station, Yüzevler and Arifiye Gölbaşı stations will reach the necessary passenger potential, especially in the summer months.
As long as TCDD, Sakarya politicians and the people of Sakarya who are willing to accept their fate for such a service do not remain silent.

Both the Island Express and ADARAY's expedition to Adapazarı Station will bring a modern look and vitality to the city.

Maybe this flat plain will open the horizon for our Sakarya who cannot do Rail Transport. " said.

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