Is Karabük Light Rail System Project a Dream?

Karabük Mayor Rafet Vergili's Şehir My Biggest Dream ”said Rail Systems Urban Public Transport Project Is Dreaming?

As it is known, the Mayor of Karabük, Rafet Vergili, organized a press conference about the Rail System project under the name of MEGA project and said the following about the issue.

"At the moment a new MEGA project with interested we and our project work we have in working in this direction 3-4 months as a period in tamamlanacak.b project our name," Light Rail "starting from projesi.soğuks neighborhood, Fevzi Euphrates street, Hurriyet Street, Green neighborhoods, the University and Bostanbükü region up to the area of ​​treatment of about 13-14 kilometers long on taking the necessary permits from the relevant agencies in the 2017 for our transportation projects, power of our authority, we want to begin this investment help.

80 million dollars so that it corresponds 240 million in this project is fully evaluate our own resources, personally çalışıyorum.inşallah on this project yapacağız.yaklaşık 1,5 years by pulling the much lower cost, we make an important service to our region by performing such an important project "was quoted as saying.


Karabük Mayor Rafet Vergili has been saying that lı My biggest dream for Karabük is to build a rail system in the city esi. Rafet Taxation of the second period continued in Karabük Municipality, 2014 years began to articulate in local elections and rail system that will revolutionize urban transport Karabüklü are staying only excites me? In the first place, the city center of Karabük, the university campus, 100. President Rafet Vergili, who shared the idea of ​​public transport with light rail systems covering the year and the 5000 houses neighborhood, said Yıl It will be the biggest signature I will give to my country Yıl. Three years ago Karabük who shared the idea with the public railway system of taxation is to eg as a network for time town and the light rail system that will extend in the coming years to Safranbolu district for public transport project "My biggest dream," he said. Vergili's “My Biggest Dream söyl, he said, could not get any distance since the day he said that rail systems had to work on the urban public transport project. The excitement of the Karabuks seems to remain only in the imagination of the city's public transport project, President Vergili. The public thinks that such a beautiful project, where Vergili was only excited by them, was supposed to remain so.

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