Citizen, Aydın-Nazilli Train Travel Toll!

In the morning of the Aydin-Nazilli campaign, the 07.14 train infuriates the citizens who are forced to travel because of the lack of wagons. Citizens are experiencing the same difficulties every morning and expects the authorities to find a solution for this situation urgently.

Passengers who work in different districts in the morning and complain about the lack of wagons on the train used by hundreds of people a day to go to work, “We experience the same disgrace every morning. The train is busy in the morning as there are people going to work. Knowing this, officials and station employees do not even think like putting an additional wagon. There are 2 wagons and most of us have to travel while standing. The standing ones sit in place of the descending ones, and the riders replace the standing ones. Despite such a problem, nobody bothered to solve it ”.

Citizens, who do not want to make a journey to stand, the authorities urged the situation to take immediate action.

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