The excitement of the new NEOPLAN Tourliner in Urfa Astor

Urfa Astor, which has been growing with increasing momentum since 2009 on the road, added new 2 fleet to its fleet.

Urfa Astor, which has a total fleet of 25 buses, chose NEOPLAN again in its first investment in 2017. Astor has become one of the most preferred companies not only in Sanliurfa but also in the region.

The dynamic company of the travel sector has added 2 to its fleet of NEOPLAN New Tourliner buses and offered it to the people of Şanlıurfa. NEOPLAN New Tourliners with 2 + 2 seats and 50 passenger seats with 6C engines have 460 Ps power and an 12 forward-speed automated transmission. The vehicles offer significant savings in fuel and operating costs, despite the high technology, high performance and high level of comfort they offer.

2 units purchased NEOPLAN The new Tourliner was delivered with a ceremony at the MAN Facilities in Akyurt, Ankara. MAN Truck and Bus Trading Co. Bus Regional Sales Manager Eray Öcal, Şensan Automotive Bus Sales Manager Devrim Bayhan and Urfa Astor owner Adnan As attended.

“Very satisfied with the Tourliner“

. We are delighted with the new Tourliners that we bought in June, memnun said Adnan As, adding that the new Tourliner buses will add innovation to their platforms with their outstanding features and stylish and striking designs. We have had significant savings in fuel costs, which is our biggest expense. Moreover, with a large internal volume and comfort of the seat, the customer took a number of preference. We made our choice without thinking when our plan to make new investments came up. Yeni

Işletme Provides more economical operating costs “

MAN Truck and Bus Trading Co. Şt The new Tourliner was a bus where many innovations and advanced technology met. The environmentally friendly Euro 6c engine with its low emission values, with its many features such as EfficientCruise and EfficientRoll systems, offers many important advantages in driving comfort, fuel economy, engine life and operating costs. The corridor-free floor structure in the passenger section, the special design seats, the topographical navigation system, while bringing the travel experience together with comfort, on the other hand provide more economical and advantageous operating costs uz.

Şensan Automotive Bus Regional Manager Devrim Bayhan wishes that the new Tourliners will be auspicious and beneficial to Urfa Astor. He wished a peaceful and enjoyable journey to the Şanlıurfa people and all his passengers.



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