Türk Telekom is at the heart of world technology production

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, announced that TürkTelekom has taken an international step to contribute to the domestic and national technology production target of the government and has joined the open platform Open Networking Foundation (ONF), which is a member of the world technology giants, with the joint member status .

Minister Arslan, said in a statement, Turk Telekom, Stanford taking part in the management of onf'n established under the leadership of the University, will closely follow the global developments in the telecommunications sector, would have a say in new projects and that these technologies can move to Turkey.

Turkey is a period of technology not only consume, produce and Armstrong reminded that act with the goal of becoming the exporting country, "In this context, defense industry, local and national technology in transport and communications have taken many important steps so far to develop. Of course, that's not enough, we have more work to do. Therefore, we attach great importance to and support the work of the private sector in domestic and national technology production. We are pleased to see that this vision of our government is increasingly adopted by the private sector. The latest news from Türk Telekom came with good news. Türk Telekom will have a voice in ONF, an open platform based in the USA, where the world telecommunication sector is closely following up in terms of the development of new generation network technologies. Imza

  • "The private sector has embraced the domestic technology vision"

Stressing that Turkey's recent 15-16 get quite a considerable distance in the production of domestic technology Arslan years, said:

“We increased the localization rate in many fields, especially in the defense industry. In the 4,5G service tender, we introduced a local requirement for base stations. We have started to reap the fruits of this vision. Every day, new projects of many companies, big and small, on domestic technology production reach us. We gladly consider them. On the one hand, efforts are underway to develop the domestic e-mail system, on the other hand, our local companies continue their activities to develop 5G technologies. For example, Argela, a subsidiary of Türk Telekom, has important works in this field. Argela, which has been operating in the USA on new technologies including 5G in the status of 'innovator' (innovative) within ONF, has developed projects that we can be proud of. With this success of Argela, the relations have further developed and Türk Telekom has become one of the partners of ONF, one of the largest open platforms in the world, with 130 members.

  • "This time we will not miss the technology train"

Evaluating this step of Türk Telekom as an international success, Arslan explained what this means:

“Türk Telekom has become one of the partners of US-based ONF, which is a very important 'open platform' in the field of communication technologies in the world. Under the leadership of Stanford University, Türk Telekom, along with world giants such as AT&T, Deutsche Telecom, Verizon, Telefonica, Dell, Intell, Cisco, will take place as a special-status partner of this non-profit organization. Thus, a Turkish company will be among the decision makers and will direct the projects in the field of technology and set the standards. we thought it was appropriate technologies to Turkey will bring our country to lose the time. We support and are excited about this kind of development. Because in this way, we will be instantly aware of the technologies in the field of communication and we will start production or application on time. Thus, although we missed technology trains many times in the past, we will not miss the train this time. "

  • We entered the heart of the world technology center

Arslan, in a sense, entered the heart of the center of the world where new technologies are developed in the telecommunication sector, stressing the importance of having a say in ONF.

Explaining that there is a global dependency on several supplier companies in very important services such as base stations, power plants, their software, hardware and maintenance in the telecommunication sector, Arslan said that ONF reduces dependency on these supplier companies, reduces costs and the country's current account deficit and of course He stated that it is an open platform for project developers in this field in order to provide better service to users with a technology.

“We have been operating here with Argela for a while. Now we have become one of the managing partners of this open platform with Türk Telekom. " Arslan said that the project will flow here from all over the world and the world technology giants will decide which of them will be developed and how and how.

Expressing that every country can start to produce technologies that have progressed and will be implemented as a result, with its own resources, Arslan said, “This is why Türk Telekom's membership is very important. We will be a part of all these developments. " said.

  • Open to all operators

Minister Arslan evaluated the inclusion of Türk Telekom in the management of ONF as an important development within the scope of domestic and national technology production target and continued as follows:

“When you look at the speed of development of new technology, those who have projects on this subject should be in constant communication with the organizations that carry out related studies globally. Otherwise, you will either be struggling to reinvent the existing and waste time, or you will be forced to remain unaware of the developments that will support your project. This again means a waste of time and capital. In this respect, it is extremely important for Türk Telekom to be in the management staff of an organization that we can call the heart of the world where 5G technologies and mobile communication infrastructures are developed. Türk Telekom will be aware of the latest developments and will contribute to these studies with its own know-how. It will steer new technology and play an important role in setting standards as part of this process. Also, Turk Telekom result of studies conducted on this platform will bring to Turkey and developed all kinds of products and services will also be open to other operators in Turkey. In this sense, I congratulate TürkTelekom's success and wish you success. "

  • What is ONF, what are their goals?

ONF was established to improve efficiency, reduce supplier dependency and reduce costs by developing new technologies in hardware and software in important cost items such as base stations and power plants in the telecommunication sector, and is the largest open platform in the world in this field.

ONF, a member of 130, is a member of 17 partner position and Türk Telekom will be one of these partner members from now on to manage the open platform. The non-profit ONF aims to contribute to the development of new technologies in the telecommunications sector around the world and to set standards for them.

The fact that Türk Telekom is a partner in this platform means that these new technologies are brought to Turkey simultaneously with the world, which means that they can be produced and offered to use quickly by local manufacturers.

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