Tünektepe Teleferik and Social Facilities on the Day

Tünektepe Cable Car and Social Facilities, where the Metropolitan Municipality offers the opportunity to watch Antalya from a bird's eye view, hosted approximately 20 thousand people during the Feast of Sacrifice. Citizens flocked to Tünektepe on the holidays, enjoyed the magnificent view of Antalya.

Tünektepe Cable Car and Social Facility, which cut the foot of the people of Antalya, was flown to visitors at the Feast of Sacrifice. Tünektepe hosted thousands of local and foreign visitors. Apart from the citizens of Antalya, as well as the unique view of the city from the Tünektepe'den watched. The facility hosted about 20 thousand people during the Feast of Sacrifice. Citizens, the magnificent view of Teleferik Café, food and beverage needs from the rich menu was met at affordable prices. Visitors to Tünektepe are also very pleased with the cable car experience. After living in Europe for many years, settled in Antalya, Gülşen Köşker said, tan The ropeway was beautiful. Antalya suits a lot. Until now, there was no place where we could watch Antalya under our feet. Already, the pearl of Antalya Turkey. The food and drinks were also very economical. I bring my guests from abroad to Tünektepe. I would like to thank our Mayor. Büyük

Exceptional Place
Songül Nail, who came to Antalya from Ankara, said,, My family comes to Antalya every year. I'm going to Tünektepe for the first time. Exceptional place. They thought the lift very well. It could have been taken by road before, but it was not much preferred. Now we can easily get out of the cable car. We wanted to see Antalya from a hill, '' he said.

Adem Aksoy, the first 10 who came to Tünektepe for the first time, explained his experiences as follows; Orum For the first time, I go to Tünektepe with a cable car. I'm so excited. I didn't expect anything like that. I enjoyed it very much. Very beautiful view. When we first came to Antalya, there was no such opportunity. Daha

Şirin Şekerci said, ğ Tünektepe is a very nice project, I like it very much, I think everyone should see it. For the first time I came before I had a little hose but it was a very enjoyable experience. Antalya is a world city. With such projects, cities become more beautiful. Böyle

Halil Özgür, who lives in Ankara and says that he comes to Antalya every year; Dı A truly magnificent place, my mouth remained open. I liked that it was a municipality and the prices were suitable. A place where everyone can benefit. Bir

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