Train and Adapazari

Stations that are still standing today against the time that has passed quickly, which are the musts of the cities that have passed through the train ç 1856 has built the stations and stations for the supply, meeting and freight-passenger services of the trains along with the iron roads that surround the Anatolian territory. A new city civilization began to form on the basis of these stations and stations. Both the Ottoman period and the first 50 of the Republic until the year of the majority of freight and passenger transport is done by rail, the direction of life was always towards the station. Cities were set around the stations.

Station neighborhoods, station squares and tea gardens, station streets bah ları continues in the form of writing.

General Manager of TCDD in the July issue of 'raillife' magazine published in Turkish and English. İsa Apaydın's article tells about the effects of the railroad on the cities and routes through which it passes and the permanent traces it leaves.

Adapazarı is one of these cities. Since 1899 118 has been connected to Istanbul for years with Adapazarı'nın.Kara Tren Adapazarı-Haydarpaşa starting with the inter-voyages continued until 1968.

The first motorized train service started in 1955 and electric train services started in 1977.

These trains brought the freight from Istanbul to the last stop in the center of Adapazarı and it took them to Istanbul and 118 is the year.

The development of the city's trade has also made very important contributions to the railway. The Island Express and the Mail train have continued for many years. Not only cargo and passengers, but also many unforgettable memories have occurred in this process.

The railway station in Adapazarı city center, which was opened to service together with the railway, was one of the important buildings of the city that witnessed these memories. But 118 is now the first garage building in the year before. Since 2011, there are no train services between Adapazarı and Haydarpaşa.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, the last stop in the city center of Adapazarı city center is planned to be removed from the station. Zeki Toçoğlu, the Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality who argued that the traffic problem is the least experienced in comparison with other cities, says that tram and transportation are not considered due to the fact that transportation is currently costly and that they can eliminate the troubles experienced in traffic with small touches. These touches can be the solution for today. However, not too far away, considering the ever-increasing population and the number of vehicles, city traffic will not feel these touches in the next few years.

To summarize; real people living in the city of the city where the railway station to stay in place and wants to move to the urban system.

Hasan COŞKUN - I




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