Passing through the Tram Line Mevlana Street at the Stop Point

With the passing of the tram line, there is a new problem every day in Mevlana Street which is shrinking. During the day, traffic is often locked on the street must be shot lancets.

Alaaddin-Adliye Tram Line, which is one of the important projects of Konya, continues to serve citizens for nearly 3 years. However, some shortcomings in this project continue to show itself today. In particular, the tram line, which is reacting periodically from the tradesmen of Mevlana Street, has a negative impact on the high traffic road. On the street narrowed due to the tram line, unconscious drivers parked their vehicles on the road and bring the street traffic to a halt. Mevlana Street shopkeepers and street drivers were complaining about all of them and wanted to find a solution that paralyzed traffic. To repair the stones on the road to the street, the plastic pontoons planted in the street narrowed the road thoroughly.

Located on Mevlana Street Kayalıpark Bus Stops in the area of ​​the tram road to the stones on the grounds of maintenance dubalar, narrowed down the street. For the safety of the vehicles and the working personnel during the correction of the wear on the street where the cars were used by the tram, the standing pontoons were fixed by screwing the road. Although the days of the study, the dubas were not removed from the road. Traffic on the street because of the single vehicle is difficult to remove the docks came to a halt. In the area where public transportation vehicles are used intensively, the stopping of the city buses to get passengers and download them at the location of the bus stops also causes long queues in traffic. Vehicles that can not pass the Duran buses have to wait for minutes in traffic. Vehicle drivers and regional tradesmen who already brought heavy traffic to a stop point wants to be removed from the street as soon as possible.

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