TCDD Depot Stopped İZBAN Expeditions

📩 19/12/2018 16:14

A fire broke out in the TCDD warehouse under Hilal Metro station in Izmir. Expeditions were stopped at İZBAN due to the fire being close to the transformer.

Unused cable reels burned in the fire in the storage area of ​​TCDD under Hilal İZBAN station.

Turan-Sirinyer cuts the energy due to the fire in the warehouse of TCDD. The passengers stopped on the İZBAN train and the flights stopped in the area. In a statement from the official Twitter site of İZBAN, resmi Turan-Şirinyer was cut off due to the fire in the warehouse of TCDD. Teams interfere with the fire. We stopped at our service in that area imiz.

Sönmez Alev, İZBAN Deputy General Manager, said, “There is no damage on the İZBAN line. The İZBAN flight started again after stopping for about 1 hour for security reasons. ”

Fire extinguished as a result of the intervention of fire crews of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the cooling works were completed at midnight. İZBAN flights began in the normal course of the day.

There is no loss of life under investigation due to the exit of the fire.

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