Taner Tekin: "The Tramway Application to OMÜ Should Be Re-arranged"

📩 19/12/2018 16:11

MHP Samsun Provincial Chairman Taner Tekin said, “Just as we were with you in your righteous struggle in 2011, we will be with you today and support you,” he said during his visit to the Faculty Minibuses Cooperative.

After the extension of the Light Rail System to OMU, the faculty minibus line owners and their drivers, who were in a difficult situation, came to a morale visit from the MHP. Nationalist Movement Party Samsun Provincial President Taner Tekin, İlkadım District President İkram Erdemir, Atakum District President Ahmet Hatinoğlu, provincial and district administrators and Cooperative President Mustafa Bircan and their members met.

Referring to the problems experienced during the visit program attended by TŞOF President Fevzi Apaydın, cooperative president Bircan informed President Tekin and the managers about the process and what happened. Tekin stated that in the years when the Light Rail System was first established in 2011, the tradesmen were tried to be victimized and they were with the tradesmen on that day and said, “As the Nationalist Movement Party, we will continue to support you today as we were with you in your righteous struggle. Today, we have come to share your troubles, not to do politics through you, ”he said.

Stating that the transportation shows the civilization level of a city, Tekin stated that they are not against establishing a rail system line to OMU, but; While doing this, he stated that they opposed to victimizing the tradesmen of the minibus line. Tekin continued his words as follows; “If the entrance of the minibus lines is prohibited with the Light Rail system coming to OMU, then only the owners of the minibus line will not be victims. The student studying on the campus, the staff working there, and most importantly, the patients and their relatives from the districts will be victims. In the past, a patient or his relative coming from the districts of Samsun or the surrounding provinces could go to OMU by using the minibus line. In the new arrangement, it will come to the city center from the bus station and use a light rail system from there. There is no point in torturing a patient and patient relatives so much. We oppose the despotic practice that does not allow minibuses to leave, and tries to condemn people to transportation without alternative, and we invite Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz to give up this practice that will be victims of driver tradesmen and citizens. "

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