Sungurlu began work for High Speed ​​Train

Within the scope of the Ankara - Çorum - Samsun High Speed ​​Train Project, drilling works have been started for the ground survey in the field on the route where the railway will pass in Sungurlu.

The Infrastructure, Superstructure, Electromechanical, Railway Survey, Project, Engineering and Consultancy service work of the Ankara - Çorum - Samsun High Speed ​​Train project, which was tendered in 3 parts starting from Delice to Samsun, continues rapidly.

Contractor companies continue to work in Delice - Çorum and Çorum - Merzifon sections with an investment cost of 9,7 million Turkish lira, the implementation project of which has been finalized. After the completion of the work on the 1 / 25.000 and 1/5000 scale plans, drilling works started.

In Sungurlu, the teams that have started drilling for the ground study in the route on the route where the railroad will pass, are drilling in the field with the intervals of 100-150 and 200 meters in the direction of Delice. It was stated that the samples will be analyzed as a result of drilling.

Sungurlu Station will be located opposite the State Hospital, on the right axis of the Sungurlu - Çorum highway. For the station to be established at the 58th kilometer after the Kırıkkale junction, the city pass will be provided by a 2 thousand 255 meter tunnel from Manastır Hill.

Source : the sungurlugazete

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