Erzincan - Trabzon Railway lyrics from Süleyman Soylu

He spoke to Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu about Erzincan - Trabzon Railway and other projects in Trabzon.

Minister Suleyman Nobel regarding the laws passed by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey 'Two special laws were issued for Trabzon. Arsin investment island law was very important. The science industry minister will make investigations here. The other step was the city hospital. Now there is a new university waiting in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. We will do this in the new legislative period. Akçaabat university will be held. Ak

Speaking about the Erzincan Trabzon Railway Project, Minister Soylu incan Erzincan Trabzon Railway Project is very important for us. This line will be connected and both ends open. Ç: ok an important project. The Kanuni Boulevard will take place. There is a road between Uzungöl and Bayburt. As citizens know better geography than we do, better evaluation is made. This project is about to be completed. We will have significant investments in KTU. Gülcemal project is very important. We know the most important problem in Trabzon area is narrow. Uz he said.

Regarding the Minister Soylu Avni Aker Stadium, ni Avni Aker Stadium has a project of demolishing and parking. A small piece will remain. The rest will be parked. Yavuz Selim stadium will remain. Very important breakthroughs will be made here. The ones who made it before us. We will do it, we will do after us. Biz

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