The good news of the domestic base station ULAK from Minister Arslan

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, “Tests are being carried out in the places where ULAK base stations are currently established. We get very important and positive results. ” said.

Arslan visited the villages of Aydınalan, Çağlayan and Maksutçuk in the district of Kars, after the feast at the father's quarry, and examined the hot asphalt work there.

Arslan, in a statement, said that they started a mobilization work this year to build hot asphalt on the village roads in Kars.

Stating that the hot asphalt construction works are continuing on the village roads in the other 7 districts, Arslan said, “I hope we have made 300 kilometers of roads in the provinces and districts this year. However, we will not be content with this. From now on, we will continue our efforts to make the village roads hot asphalt and to increase the access comfort of our people. Our goal is that all village roads in Kars are hot asphalt. ” he spoke.

Explaining that GSM operators are not obliged to provide services to places with a population below 500, Arslan said:

“As such, they look commercial. We know that both the internet and the telephone infrastructure are weak, especially there. As the Ministry, we have provided services at a level of 500G about 2 points before. We have started working on their further modernization to now reach 4,5G. Again, on the condition of using a domestic base station, that work started. We started work at 799 points, including many villages in Kars and our districts. We made the tender and decided. Now, our GSM operators will set up base stations at 799 points, which will be covered by the Universal Service Fund, and will have finished this in the first half of 2018. Thus, we will have seen an environment where mobile phones, including here, are provided, and internet service is provided at 4,5G level. ”

“Tests about ULAK are being done”

Minister Arslan, during this study, highlighting Turkey's first domestic base station will be used messenger, "we have developed in Turkey, we must also use the local and national ULAK have put the base station. We provide all kinds of support in those works. Tests are being carried out in the places established at the moment regarding ULAK base stations. We get very important and positive results. I hope that when we finish those results, in the middle of next year, we will take the 799G level quality, efficient, high attraction service to the 4,5 points I have said. ” spoke in the form.

Do not pull the remotest point in Turkey on the internet Arslan stated that they do work, the finished by saying:

“But it should be known that we will not be content with it either. Immediately after that work, we continue to work on places that do not attract much further in our country. In the third phase, where the phone and internet service is not going, we will carry out that work as a ministry, provided that a fund is created from the Universal Service Fund. Let's be happy to share it with our nation from here. ”

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