Single Ticket Application Starts in Sivas

Sivas Municipality, which is determined to completely solve the transportation problem of Cumhuriyet University, which is the chimneyless factory of Sivas, established the meeting center for public buses to provide easy transportation to the University and the new hospital from all over the city. While the works that started last year were completed, the buses will start serving at the new meeting center as of Monday, September 11, 2017.

The municipality, which has been growing day by day with its population exceeding 50 more than a thousand people, has made a great deal of solution by making İsmet Yılmaz Bridge, Köprülü Junction and İsmet Yılmaz Boulevard. made it possible to reach the region at once. The existing Kızılırmak Bridge and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard will bring the university-city closer together.

Making a statement on the subject, President Sami Aydın said, “Our buses will now go to the university, the new meeting center, from Monday. We have completed our necessary work. The roads reaching this area; All infrastructures were made complete with the second bridge built next to the İsmet Yılmaz Boulevard, Bağdat Street and Eğri Köprü. We don't have any deficiencies right now. However, as it is a new application, the routes will differ. This can create an uproar in the first place. We wish our citizens to be patient in this regard. I hope the system will be completely set down in a week or two. " said.

Reminding that citizens from all parts of our city, especially university students, have the opportunity to reach the university with a single ticket, Mayor Aydın said, “People from all parts of our city such as Kümbet, Fatih, Guide and Alibaba will now reach the university at once. There may be deficiencies at first, but I think we will fix this in a short time. Hopefully, our application, which adds a new quality and standard to public transportation without any problems, will be implemented as of Monday, September 11. A second step will be the renewal of buses. When we do this, we will have completely achieved quality. Our only request from our citizens is to be patient and understanding for the first response that will occur due to route changes. We will announce the innovations with signs and signs. I wish good luck. " He spoke in the form.

Noting that the voyages will start on their new routes as of September 11, Vice President of the Public Bus Coaches Cooperative, Murat Kalkan said, “I hope it will be beneficial for our city and our whole community. It had been a common system for 10 years. After this time, there were route and line changes. We ask all our citizens to be patient and we will fix their deficiencies in a short time. I think that our chauffeurs friends and citizens will be understanding towards them. " used the expressions.



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