Railway overpass works in Sivas

Sivas Governor Davut Gül, Mayor Sami Aydın and TCDD Sivas 4th Regional Director Hacı Ahmet Şener examined the overpass works that will connect Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Boulevard and the stadium in Sivas.

Muhsin Yazicioglu Boulevard and 4 September Stadium due to the railroad crossing of the boulevard stada was very dangerous way. Not insensitive to this issue, Sivas Mayor Sami Aydin, State Railways Regional Manager Haci Ahmet Sener met with Muhsin Yazicioglu Boulevard to connect the stadium with the overpass on the train demanded. Hacı Ahmet Şener, 4 Operation Regional Manager, started to work on this request and had this overpass included in the investment program.

In this context, the construction of the overpass was initiated by Governor Davut Gul, Mayor Sami Aydin, 4 Business General Manager Haci Ahmet Sener and other officials examined together.

In addition to the construction of the stairs to the overpass, a lift will be made for disabled citizens. The pedestrian overpass is aimed to be completed in a short time.



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