Signatures Signed for the Third Stage of ANTRAY

Antalya Province Provincial Board meeting of the AK Party participating in the Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, vision projects to add value to the value of Antalya said that investments.

Stating that each day the new transportation and transportation activities in Antalya, which relieves Türel, the city's first and second stage of the important steps taken in the transportation of the ANTRAY lines said.

Expressing that there is a high demand for tram lines in Antalya, Türel said, “Our citizens who voted 'yes' over XNUMX percent in the referendums held in our neighborhoods showed how important rail transportation is for Antalya by answering at the ballot box. We always continue to stand for democracy. We ask our fellow countrymen about every project we want to implement in Antalya, and if we get a positive answer, we hit the dig like that. After the first and second stage rail system, we finally got the good news about the third stage, which we have been waiting for a while. The project of our third stage line, which will be connected to the Işıklar nostalgic tram line in the direction of Varsak-Sakarya Boulevard-Bus Terminal-University-Education and Research Hospital, passed by the High Planning Council with the approval of our Prime Minister. We will hit the dig for this project as soon as possible. Good luck to our Antalya. "

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