CHP Substitute: "Either Channel or Istanbul"

Here is the press release of the CHP Istanbul deputy Gülay Yedekci to explain the routes and cross sections of the Kanal Istanbul Project and to announce the construction of the project.

In 2011, it was announced that the study project contract was signed for the determination of the routes and sections of the Kanal Istanbul Project, "The Project of Murderer of Nature", which was announced as "Crazy Project".

The project, which the professional chambers defined as the disaster scenario of the city sociologically and geopolitically, said, "We will implement it to protect the Bosphorus." It is said to be screened. Although we warned many times, ideas and opinions were not received from naval scientists, professional chambers and citizens living in Istanbul for the project, which was insistently emphasized.

This project, which is planned to be built in our city with a population exceeding 20 Millions, will cause the population to increase, and will go down in history as the death sentence of nature and ecosystem. Clearly, the ecosystem and the watersheds will be irreversibly damaged.

With the implementation of the project, a unique flow system unique to the Turkish Straits will be disrupted. If this work is realized, the hydrogen sulfide smell, known for its resemblance to rotten eggs, will settle in Istanbul as a result of turning the Marmara Sea into a sulfur lake by leaving oxygen free. Sea life in the gulf will come to an end when the water from the oxygen-free substrate fills into the Gulf of Izmit over time. The implementation of the project will completely affect the drainage system of Eastern Thrace, and Istanbul can be made uninhabitable even with the loss of groundwater only. Kanal İstanbul is the scenario of “Nature Disaster” not only for Istanbul but for the whole Marmara.

“It is unacceptable that 18 islands of our country are under occupation when considering artificial islands”
As a result of the implementation of the Canal Istanbul Project, it is said that artificial islands are planned to be constructed at the exit points of the Marmara Sea and Black Sea and income generating projects are planned to finance the channel on artificial islands. The Greek flag is fluctuating on the 18 island of our country. 18 should be used to save income from the Greek occupation and income-generating projects should be used for the benefit of the public. While artificial island projects are being produced, it is unacceptable that the islands of our country are under occupation.

“We want projects to be beneficial for our country and nation”
The budget of the Kanal Istanbul Project, planned as 13 Billion Dollar, is intended to be used to create a new city with real estate investments. It is not right to make such projects to enrich a few construction companies. With this budget, we would like to prepare projects for our nation and our nation and to submit them for the approval of our nation.

With the budget allocated to the project, new employment areas can be established, agriculture and animal husbandry can be supported with technology, and investments in science and technology can be made.

“Istanbul is gradually losing its urban identity”
The planning of all investments in Istanbul makes the city a center of attraction and migration. Due to its population density, traffic, inadequacy of infrastructure, noise and air pollution, Istanbul is becoming an uninhabitable city. As an investment center, different cities of Anatolia should be considered according to their employment needs. Investments are needed in the Southeast, East, Thrace, Mediterranean and Black Sea regions.

Istanbul faces catastrophic consequences, even in heavy rainfall. There is no investment in infrastructure. Only the 10 of the budget allocated to the Channel Istanbul Project, creating a green area, the green areas will be concrete by losing the nature of natural events will prevent the transformation of disaster. Istanbul's green area of ​​the city wants to compare with Istanbul, the green field ratio of 33, While the green area rate of Moscow is 54, while the green area ratio of New York known with its skyscrapers is 27, Istanbul's green area ratio is unfortunately only 2.20. In Istanbul, where a special zoning situation is given, unfortunately the rate of green is gradually decreasing and the rate of construction is increasing day by day. However, as everyone knows, Istanbul is an earthquake city. Measures should be taken for the anticipated Istanbul earthquake, the settlement should be reduced, and earthquake safety projects should be done. Non-earthquake safety projects can cause our people to lose their lives in a possible disaster. A possible earthquake will be experienced at the end point of the Kanal Istanbul Project. Dr. According to Naci Görür's statement, the size of the 8 and the 10 can be felt.

"Nature is unaware of the plans made!"
The inner sea which connects the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, unites the continents of Asia and Europe and belongs to our country; The Canal Istanbul Project, which was created at the expense of destroying the Sea of ​​Marmara, is not correct. This intervention in nature can lead to other unforeseen negativities. People pay the costs of construction activities against nature. City plans should be made by taking ecosystems into consideration, projects should be prepared to ensure that our people live peacefully, happily and happily, with the aim of benefiting society rather than rent.
We will always be from nature, from man and from Istanbul.

We repeat; Ya Channel, Ya Istanbul. No other choice.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:02

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