Sanliurfa Trambus Project 1. Stage Works in Progress

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi supervised the first stage works of the trambus project, which is included in the transportation master plan for a modern, comfortable and comfortable transportation. "We offer a very important service in public transportation to our people," said Mayor Çiftçi, who examined the station works. The first phase of the trambus project, which is included in the transportation master plan of the Metropolitan Municipality in Şanlıurfa, continues uninterruptedly. The construction works of the stops, which started within the scope of the 1st phase works on the historical Hanlar region, Balıklıgöl, Şanlıurfa Museum, Divanyolu Street, Kapaklı passage and Atatürk Boulevard route, are ongoing.

70 savings in transportation, providing savings, running trubus system, does not cause noise pollution. According to the tramway system, the project will be implemented without the rail. 270 will be transported with a vehicle in the comfort and modern transportation.

The first phase of the project, which is 4 Stages, will be between the museum area and a 7 thousand 736 meters long public transportation center. A transportation network will be provided by the New Generation Public Transport system Trambus between the 2nd Stage public transportation center to Karaköprü, the 3rd Stage public transportation center to the Eyyübiye State Hospital and the 4th Stage to the public transportation center Harran University Osman Bey Campus.

25 meter length trambles vehicles, Line and Warehouse building will be monitored by 52 camera, line short circuits for overhead line security and line, transformer supply voltages can be controlled from scada and sensors assistant instantly from the monitoring center. It will be possible to intervene to the system via computer. The occupancy of the vehicles on the route, the position in the line and the number of citizens in the stops will be monitored instantly and the operative capacity will be increased.

Nihat Çiftçi, Mayor of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, supervised the trambus 1st stage stop works. Mayor Çiftçi, who supervised the stall works around the city park, on April 11, Atatürk Bulvarı, received information about the work done. Expressing that they will serve the public in Şanlıurfa with a modern and comfortable public transportation system, President Çiftçi said, “We facilitate transportation in Şanlıurfa. The stop and turnstile construction works in the trambus project, which we previously promoted, continue. Energy transmission lines and lighting system work will be done. The 4-kilometer tramway project, consisting of 1 stages and located in the 7st stage, will be located between the historical region of Balıklıgöl, Divanyolu Avenue and Haleplibahçe Avenue. We offer a very important service in public transportation to our people. Our tram project was prepared by our department. Everything suits well in Şanlıurfa. We serve the city of Prophets, Şanlıurfa. We see this as a chance, this as a responsibility, and this as an obligation, and we are always at work. Our trambus project will be beneficial to the people of Şanlıurfa. ”

Continuing its innovations in Şanlıurfa transportation, the Metropolitan Municipality will open a new era in public transportation with 65 new buses it has purchased. New buses bought by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its efforts to eliminate problems in urban transportation, will be introduced to the public with a ceremony. For the disabled people to travel comfortably, the introduction of 20 7-meter, 25 12-meter and 20-gauge 18-meter buses (11.09.2017) will be held in front of the Haleplibahçe-Şanlıurfa Museum on Monday. Mayor Çiftçi invited all the people of Şanlıurfa to the program.

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