Domestic and national production mobilization from the industrial city of Bursa

Thanks to a series of projects, Bursa, the business world and the Metropolitan Municipality, has come to the fore in the last 10 year in domestic and national production. Kent, the first domestic subway, the first domestic tram, domestic and national 3D printer, laser chip was able to make a name with the products.

The industrial city of Bursa is no longer producing, but a il domestic and national producing, province. Bursa, who wants to be a pioneer in the new industry move with the power of technology, R & D and innovation, is also signing the olmak domestic inde and yeni national g productions that will be the milestone in Turkish industrial history. Bursa 10 in the last year, the first domestic subway, the first domestic tram, domestic and national 3D printer, asphalt plant, laser chip, resonator managed to make a name with the name of domestic production.

In addition to the private sector, organizations such as Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality have also contributed greatly to the steps taken to create domestic and national production awareness. BTSO developed projects in this direction by mentioning the importance of domestic and national production at every opportunity, while the Metropolitan Municipality encouraged domestic production and used the resulting products in service areas. Finally Metropolitan Municipality at the request of the Turkish company Northel specially produced by the 100 percent of Turkey's first domestic wind rose, established in Bursa power plant was installed. Casting part was made by Bursa İğrek Machinery.

Ermaksan, began producing Turkey's first 3D machine

Bursa machine manufacturer Ermaksan, America, Germany and Turkey after China made the country one of the 4 capable of producing semiconductors in the world. The company developed the laser chip, which it had to import for its sheet metal processing machines, without any incentive. He also added laser technology over semiconductor technology; now it started to produce Turkey's first 3D machine.

First domestic tram silkworm Durmazlarabout

Bursa's 61 annual mechanic Durmazlar started to use 85 domestic and national control units in its own machines by developing the hardware and software in its own machines. The company also Turkey's first indigenous tram and metro vehicle manufacturer in the silkworm Green City.

Figes announces its name with 3D printer

First National Ship (MİLGEM) performs engineering services Bursalı Figes, electromagnetic poles for border security improves, developed bionic hand for TAF, Turkey has made its name with local and national 3D printer.

Nukon localized the laser cutting head

Turkey's first fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer NukoM's still the domestication brought about 20 thousand euros laser cutting head imported from Germany starting from their needs. He did his own software.

Simge Group has an asphalt plant running even in Siberia

Developing the technology that provides energy saving up to 50 in asphalt production, Simge Group reduced the dust emissions in production by 37 and 49. The company has set up an 160 facility in the world and now has a kur Made In Turkey N asphalt plant in Siberia. The icon added to the sector by adding a process that is not in world literature to sand drying.

Localization through acquisitions

The incineration system for the sludge, which is the treatment plant waste, was made by domestic production in Bursa. Production started in the facilities that were built by BUSKİ and built in the East Wastewater Treatment Plant. After the tram and metro vehicle, metrobus production was done in Bursa by AKIA company, which produces buses to the countries of the world, especially the Balkan countries. In the 290 person capacity produced by AKI first time in Bursa, Turkey Metrobus, 25 3 meters in length and articulated the distinction of being the first with a formed.

Sanpark, with 60 years of experience in vehicle lifts and lifting equipment, 42 offers products and services in the country. 20 more than a thousand parking fibers were signatories of the production, so far 50 thousand-car parking system that Sanpark, the only domestic producer position in the sector in Turkey. Gokcen Group, which acquires German aircraft company AQUILA, takes steps to carry the production to Bursa. The Group also continues to prepare for the production infrastructure of some equipment such as cooking and cutting of carbon fiber parts under vacuum in the R & D center.

Renewable Energy Machinery Cluster

Renewable Energy Machinery Cluster was established by the Energy Council of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO). The aim of the cluster, in which the number of members found 25, is to produce domestic machines for renewable energy production and to put an end to the international dependence on this issue.

Metropolitan, leading domestic production

Railroad systems in the country's first domestic production is the occasion, the same strategy in the production of electric vehicles, environmental production and aircraft manufacturing in the record they recorded the Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the first local production of wind roses again made through the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, he said. Turkey's first domestic wind rose 100 percent of Northel by the firm noted that President Altepe Bursa to produce, "the software technology in these wind rose in the wings in casting molds parts all the locals. Casting parts were made by İğrek Machinery in Bursa and power electronics Aselsan. He's also an alternator and his engineering. Northel company was completed with the entire organization and Turkey 100 percent was made by Turkish first wind rose, "he said.

Domestic production will be supported by TEKNOSAB

BTSO accelerated clustering efforts within the room to increase domestic and national production. Finally, 'Health Technologies Clustering' has been realized in order to increase the share of domestic production in the field of medical devices where Import is experienced intensively. On the other hand, TEKNOSAB projected with the vision of ası Domestic, Innovative and Green Production “is also expected to be laid this month.

The foundation of Gökmen Space Aviation and Training Center (GUHEM), which will be one of the first 5 space and aerospace centers in Europe, was laid by BTSO. BTSO President Ibrahim Burkay; Gökmen'l space, aviation and defense industry in Bursa said they want to move into an important center, "Turkey's assume a different role in the destination Bursa, is getting its first astronaut our country an infrastructure that will grow," he said.

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