Samsunspor tram stop at happy end

Samsun SAMULAŞ light rail at the Samsunspor stop the tragicomic event with the words of the overpass will be happy with the overpass.

Samsun, quite advanced levels of transport in disability and disabled citizens with children is not thought to be recorded as a very sad event.


Faced with Piazza Shopping Center, Samsunspor tram stop causes families with children who come to the shopping center and the Physiotherapy Hospital to be treated in a difficult and tragicomic situation. It is possible to cross the motorway at the stop where only the overpass is possible.

Many people with disabilities and children with disabilities from the disabled barricades face the overpass stairs. There is also a pedestrian crossing, and the nearest pedestrian crossing is located at a distance of 1 km.


We received the opinion on the subject Turkey Association Chairman injured Auspicious Hakyemezoğl, "the Piazza shopping center across the street from Samsunspor overpasses found in people with disabilities in the tram stop after going down from the disabled ramp stairs are faced with only one tragic events of the kind that deserves be in Turkey. We receive criticism and complaints from our members about this event. SAMULAŞ General Manager Kadir Gürkan sent this situation to us and gave us the rights by listening to them. SAMULAŞ informed the Metropolitan Municipality of Science about the subject and then called us and they said that they did a study about the region. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science affairs gave the promise of a lift overpass that could provide transportation for a new disabled people within two months at the latest. I am proud to inform our disabled colleagues about this. I would like to thank SAMULAŞ General Manager Kadir Gürkan Bey and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Science for listening to the problems that listen to us. I believe that we will solve all kinds of problems experienced in Samsun by hand unity with the sensitivity they have made Samsun and gave the good news to its members.

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