Minibuses in Samsun will not be able to go to OMU

Turan Çakır, Deputy Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, said that with the protocol between OMÜ and Büyükşehir, minibuses serving in the university will be lifted together with a tram.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Commission meeting was held in the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall. A total of 67 items referred to the committees from the Assembly were discussed. While the 3 clause was rejected in the commissions, the 2 article was accepted by the majority of votes and was forwarded to the assembly. In total, 64 was referred to the parliament for approval by passing the relevant commissions.


The article on extending the light rail system to the Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ) campus was also discussed in the commissions. MHP Council Member Mujahideen Satellite reacted that the minibus lines in the OMU, which are included in the protocol, will no longer be in the campus after the tram has been put into service. Satellite, ”In the protocol made, what will be the status of the minibuses serving on the university campus? university administration says absolutely not. So minibuses will definitely not go up. Will the problem here be resolved? Line owners paid money to the municipality and bought their license plates, paying their taxes. What will their situation be? ” used expressions.

Turan Çakır, Deputy Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council, who noted that OMU administration was also located next to Metropolitan regarding the not having the minibus lines on the campus; “There won't be dolmuses inside the university campus. We have discussed the line issues in this assembly or in different platforms before. Paying the line price is relative jobs, prices may go up and down. So those who do this trade will be prepared. In the past, they carried fewer passengers, now they carry a lot, and in the future they will endure less transport. "There will be areas they will use on their routes again."

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