Russian company Electro Drive first electric bus sent to Turkey

The first electric bus produced for the Russian company by the Turkish Otokar Drive Electro sent to Turkey.

In a statement from the Electro Drive, Otokar, depending on the agreement signed in December 2016 with the first electric bus was stated that Moscow sent to Turkey.

According to the statement, the company's plans include arranging electric buses for factory trials and then sending them to Istanbul.

In the Drive Electro statement, it is stated that the electric bus is the 12 meter-long top-class bus and the charging capacity is 40-50, and the charging process takes 6-10 minutes.

Drive Electro produces electric cars and electric buses at the order of Rosatom from 2012 in Novosibirsk. The first rechargeable trolley bus in the world began to serve in 2014 in Tula.

At the same time, Trolleybus 2016, which is a joint project of Drive Electro and Belkommunaş, which is also on the Eastern European market, started to serve in Belarus.



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