Fast Train Will Finally Come to Çorum

kirikkale corum merzifon samsun railway night stay
kirikkale corum merzifon samsun railway night stay

AK Party Deputy of Çorum, Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs Commission and Member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Turkish Group Lütfiye İlksen Ceritoğlu Kurt, General Manager of TCDD İsa ApaydınI visited in his office.

Deputy Ceritoğlu said that they made this visit in order to realize the railway project that will connect the Black Sea to Central Anatolia and Anatolia to the Mediterranean as soon as possible.

Ceritoglu stated that they had made mutual consultations about the project during the visit and stated that the Samsun-Amasya-Çorum-Kırıkkale railway project, which will be the total length of 286 km, will end in the 3 phase at the tender stage of Delice-Çorum, Çorum-Merzifon and Merzifon-Samsun.

Cerenoglu said that 95 km and Corum-Merzifon 96 km of Delice-Çorum were delivered to the contractor firm in 2016.


Ceritoğlu stated that Çorum is in the very center of this project and 95 km of Merzifon-Samsun was delivered to the contractor on March 2017 and 1 / 25000 scale determination studies were started.


Certainly some of the negative trainings on the project of deliberate speed train by some of the people were removed Ceritoglu, the rapid train will eventually come to Çorum said.

Stating that Çorum will have a new development area from socio-economic point of view, Ceritoğlu said Ç As a result of the positive interviews we have made with the Head Office and the Ministry, I am sharing the good news that Çorum will be connected to the railway network rapidly, kalkınma he said.

Ceritoğlu said, "I wish our railway project, realized with the support of our AK Party Government and our government, to be beneficial to our province and region." - ÇorumHaber

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