Off-Line Line of OIZs

Afyonkarahisar, Iscehisar and Iskenderun OIZs are preparing to take a tender on the same day. The OIZs that will be in the tender for the procurement of services in the connection line will add attraction to their regions.


The countdown has started for the tenders to be held within the scope of the connection lines defined as the railway connection line taken from the main lines to the facilities such as warehouses and factories. The OIZs, which will carry the services they offer to the industrialists one step ahead, will change the face of their regions with the services and project tenders that they will take on the same day. İskenderun OIZ, which sees the city industry with the XnUMX production of the 1987 company, the first factory in 41, and the Iscehisar OSB and 22 hectares of the 200 company, will seek the fab right blood ilk for the tender which will increase the transportation and logistics attractiveness of the region.


Preparation of Final Projects for Construction of Iskenderun Organized Industrial Zones in the open procedure. The tender for the engineering and consultancy services to be provided in the maximum 48 days in Sarıseki is TCDD 180 in Adana, Seyhan. Regional Management Meeting Hall Floor: 6 address will be held.


Preparation of Implementation Projects for the Connection of Afyonkarahisar Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) This project will cover the engineering and consultancy services to be taken within the boundaries of Afyonkarahisar province for the connection of the distribution line within the OIZ. TCDD 7. 5 October 2017'da 14.30'da 120'da winners of the tender, the company will have the service within the day 1. Again in the city Iscehisar OIZ will receive the same service for the connection of the rope line in the region. The tender for this service will be opened to participants at 15.30 after the XNUMX hour of Afyonkarahisar OSB tender.

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