OMÜ tramline will catch up with next season

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Turan Cakir, university tram line will catch up with the coming season, "We give importance to public transport," he said.

Stating that the infrastructure works of the tram at Ondokuz Mayıs University are continuing rapidly, Çakır said, “Not this season, but I hope we will train it next season. About 6 kilometers more will be added to the tram line. In addition, the tram will be ready next year to include dormitories and faculties within the university. Of course, along with this, he took a decision not to let the dolmuş operators into the university. So are the minibuses. kazanHe thinks there will be a loss in them. It's true, it certainly will. We care about public transport. The main thing here is to provide comfortable transportation for the citizens. We aim to do this without interruption. This is done so that our students from Tekkeköy can easily travel to and from the dormitories of the university. This will be used not only by us, but also by the children of the minibus drivers. They also object, it should be respected. It cannot be said that they will be victims, but kazanThere will definitely be a decline. Our trams are capable of handling the heavy student traffic easily," he said.

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