New line from Motaş to urban transportation

2017-2018 MOTAŞ, which has taken measures regarding the education period, is re-arranging the voyages of the areas where passenger density occurs and opens new lines according to the demands.

Carrying the majority of the public transportation of Malatya, MOTAŞ is expanding its service area by opening new lines in the new period. In the statement made by the General Directorate of MOTAŞ on the subject 11 2017 2 30E a new line with the new code will be announced by specifying the new bus from the central university stop XNUMX will take one minute and MAŞTİ-Bostanbaşı-Galericiler Sitesi-Near-Manas Houses will follow the route was expressed.

MOTAŞ aims to reach the summit in public transportation with new developments in the coming days and will soon realize some innovations in public transportation for university students. With the innovations such as new planning and extension of the line, the people of Malatya will enjoy the pleasure of public transport.

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