A New Term Begins in Şanlıurfa Transportation

65 new buses purchased by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality were presented to the public with a ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Çiftçi said, “We solve the problems in transportation from the root. My brothers from Şanlıurfa deserve the best of service ”.

According to population ratio in Turkey, which has the largest fleet of vehicles in transit and transportation in Quality award, Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality receives 65 new buses it was presented to the public ceremony. There are 20 7-meter buses, 25 12-meter buses and 20 articulated 18-meter buses with a disabled ramp for disabled citizens to travel comfortably. BEL-SAN A.Ş. will provide convenience in urban transportation.


Participation in the service ceremony of the vehicle fleet purchased by the Metropolitan Municipality was intense. The ceremony held in front of the Haleplibahçe - Şanlıurfa Museum was attended by Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, AK Party Provincial Chairman Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, Deputy Mehmet Ali Cevheri, District Mayors, AK Party organization, representatives of non-governmental organizations and many citizens.

Starting his speech by greeting the people at the ceremony, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi said that they are working with all their might to eliminate the urban transportation problems in Şanlıurfa.


Maintaining the importance of public transportation President Nihat Çiftçi continued his speech, the average daily 190 thousand people served in urban transportation, he said.

13 districts of Sanliurfa for a fully developed and developing work voicing President farmer, "Sanliurfa, Turkey's 9th largest province in terms of population. Today, according to TURKSTAT data, our population is 1 million 940 thousand and we are in the first place in terms of population growth rate. However, we know that the city of prophets grows abundantly with around 58 thousand children every year. We are also hosting 524 thousand Syrian brothers and sisters. Therefore, it is very natural for a city that is so dynamic that its growth is rapid in every aspect. We, as the Metropolitan staff, are concerned to reach this speed as much as possible and to improve the development and quality of the 13 districts we are responsible for ”.


The cheapest means of transport between the Turkey 30 Metropolitan that Sanliurfa and its metropolitan Farmers President added that they offer to the public as Mayor, "Metropolitan Municipality as our daily 190 thousand lifes home, workplace, have the responsibility to deliver timely the neighborhood. Again, we want to say this to our Şanlıurfa brothers. The citizens of public transport among 30 metropolitan municipalities in Turkey providing the cheapest service is Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Mayoralty. This is an important and essential service. "Our elder sisters, whom we exempt from wages, are an important service in terms of our brothers who are not economically viable, in the sense of our disabled brothers, whom we are exempt from.


In his speech, Mayor Çiftçi stated that he was following the Trambus First Stage Project works closely and said, “We will solve the problem from the root in order not to carry it to the future in terms of transportation, traffic, road networks and parking in Şanlıurfa by putting our heads together. Now we have started the construction work on the 7-kilometer Trambus Project, which will surround the Archeology museum area, then go from Haleplibahçe, the tunnel through the Balıklıgöl basin, the Haşimiye, Divan Yolu and finally to both centers where our brothers from Şanlıurfa were transferred. A transportation system worthy of Şanlıurfa has been brought to our city. kazanWe are in trouble climbing. All our services are for our Şanlıurfa brothers. I wish you good luck and success in our services," he said.


AK Party Provincial Chairman Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, who stated that they served in unity and solidarity for the development of Şanlıurfa by attending the ceremony, said, “It is a sacred duty to serve this city. Each of our mayors fulfill this task properly. There are openings and investments one after another. It is not even possible to keep up with them. Today, a 65-vehicle public transport fleet is put into service. Therefore, I would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi. Our Urfa deserves the best of everything. Today, together with our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, our minister, our parliamentarians, our district mayors and our organization, we are running to serve our Şanlıurfa in integrity.

Deputy Mehmet Ali Cevheri stated that they are following the investments for the development of Şanlıurfa in every field and wished that the vehicle fleet of 65 vehicles would be beneficial.

KARSEN A.Ş. Deputy General Manager Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu and TEMSA Transportation Tools A.Ş. Turkey Sales Director Murat said after the speeches of the guests are always offered the ribbon cutting by means of service.

With citizens by taking buses sohbet President Nihat Çiftçi and protocol members completed the program by traveling throughout the city.

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