MOTAŞ was in Full Capacity Task for First Day of Schools

On the first day of the school's opening, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, which carried the public transportation of Malatya, was in full capacity.

2017-2018 General Directorate of MOTAŞ General Directorate said,, Our company's 22 meter, 12 9 meter, 81 12 meter 115 bus, 20 bus, 80 trambus and XNUMX private public bus On the first day of the new education period, we started to carry out public transportation. In other words, we started to serve at full capacity mas and emphasized that they do not allow passengers to accumulate at stops and stations.

In the statement made, according to the demands of the region seen in the new lines are opened, the number of voyages to some lines are increased by increasing the number of voyages, the basic intervals of the university line is reduced to 5 minutes, increasing the number of trambus to the 6 minutes of the voyage was reduced to a new time in the new period so that the public transport of Malatya a comfortable breathing was targeted.
MOTAŞ, with its buses and trambles, gave the students the hope that they would not have any problems in public transportation at the beginning of the new period. Students using the tools stated that they were satisfied with the service provided.

A student who said that he read his third year in Malatya İnönü University, stated that he experienced transportation difficulties in previous years. Görünüyor Although it is at the beginning of the period, it seems that there will be no problem in public transportation in the new period. It is hopeful that there is no confluence on the first day, İlk he expressed his feelings.

In addition to the refreshment of the Trambus, the number of voyages in the new period and the expedition of the 6 minutes to reduce the number of students welcomed the student named Gökhan asked them to make a planning to get the tools to reach the University in a shorter time. Gelişme The number of flights increased, this is a good improvement. I will not say to the comfort, comfort and quiet operation of the vehicles anyway. However, a very long time passes from the station until we reach the University. This is done in an arrangement and this time is shortened a little more, la he said.

On the first day of the opening of the schools, there was no noticeable large clutter at the stations and at the Trambus stations.

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