Modern Transformation in Transportation in Salihli

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which is continuing its activities within the scope of the transformation process in transportation, has completed the transformation of public transportation vehicles between Salihli and its neighborhoods. The turn-key ceremony for the new 43 vehicle was completed.

Within the scope of the transformation project initiated by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in the past years, transformation works are continuing in the province. Finally, the 142 vehicle, which provides public transportation services between Salihli and its neighborhoods, was assembled within the single cooperative and the Karsan Jest with 43 meters of 6 meters was completed and it was completed with low base vehicles. Before the ceremony, the General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa Aytaç Yalçınkaya visited the Mayor of Salihli Zeki Kayda in his office. Salihli Mayor Zeki Kayda, Salihli Mayor Zeki Kayda, General Secretary of Metropolitan Municipality Aytaç Yalçınkaya, MASKİ General Manager Yaşar Coşkun, Deputy Secretary General Yılmaz Gençoğlu, MASKİ Executive Vice President Burak Aslay, Consultant Nursel Ustamehmetoğlu, flat Kaan Erkırtay, Head of Sales, Kaan Erkırtay, Head of the Cooperative and Chauffeurs. Speaking at the ceremony Salihli Mayor Zeki Kayda, Salihli and the neighborhood between the services of the public transport vehicles wishing to be beneficial, thanked those who contributed.

X The conversion started at 2012 is in progress “

Aytaç Yalçınkaya, General Secretary of the ceremony, started his speech by conveying the greetings of Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. General Secretary Aytaç Yalçınkaya, who stated that they met in the delivery ceremony of the public transportation vehicles, which were completed between Salihli and its neighborhoods, said, X In the period of Manisa Municipality, we started our transformation process in the public transportation that we started from the center of Manisa in the year of Manisa. Low-based, suitable for the travel of people with disabilities, air-conditioned, card and camera vehicles in the center of the district and the transportation of citizens in the forefront of the comfort of citizens are keeping in the forefront.

New Vehicles Will Serve On 35 Routes

General Secretary Aytaç Yalçınkaya said that the 142 vehicle, which provides public transportation services between Salihli and its neighborhoods, was collected within the single cooperative. N We completed the transformation of the 142 vehicle, 43 6 meter Karsan Jest, suitable for the travel of disabled citizens with low-based vehicles. Salihli-Yılmaz, Salihli-Taytan-Adala, Salihli-Caferbey-Çaltılı-Kapancı-Sart, Salihli-Çaltılı-Sart-Mersindere, Salihli-Durasıllı, Salihli-Eldelek-Yağbasan-Karasavcı-Poyrazdamları, Salihli-Eldelek-Poyrazdamları- Hacıhıdır-Poyraz, Salihli-Çavlu-Süleymaniye-Çapaklı-Gökçeköy, Salihli-Gökeyüp, Salihli-Emirhacılı-Çökelek-Pazarköy-Kemer-Kurttutan-Kale-Kemerdamları, Salihli-Karapınar-Çayköy-Tekelioğlu-Karayahşi, Salihli-Mersinli-Derbent, Salihli-Bahçecik, Salihli-Eminbey-Dombaylı 14 to the 35 route, we will provide public transportation service, "he said.

“We are signing important projects“

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and Salihli Municipality, Salihli for the prosperity and happiness of citizens living in the 7 / 24 said that the task of Secretary General Aytaç Yalçınkaya, Sal Here is the Atatürk Sports Hall. Our children's culture and arts centers, event halls, fire brigades, Food Bank, MABEM projects are among the projects that our citizens benefit from. The project of Coordination Center and MABEM building, where MABEM, Youth Center and Coordination Center will take place, is rising rapidly. Our work in the underground car park, the marketplace and the Bedesten Bazaar project continues. Our Masal Forest project, which we continue in Gümüşçayi for our children, is among our ongoing projects. Our tender preparations for our intersection project continue. Briefly and briefly, our Metropolitan Municipality, under the leadership of our President Cengiz Ergün, puts his signature under important and important services in Salihli. Ve

“We strive to bring the best services to life“

Secretary General Aytaç Yalçınkaya stated that MASKİ General Directorate started 25 km long stormwater line laying from Atatürk and Şüheda streets with an investment of 25 million pounds and said'n The works continue smoothly despite the challenging ground conditions. We are trying to implement the best services in our district of 17 under the leadership of our esteemed Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergün. With these emotions, I hope that the new vehicles that we have received within the scope of the transformation in public transportation will be beneficial to our Salihli. I would like to once again thank everyone who contributed to the transformation. Good luck, get it without accident, hopefully ler he said.

43 Car Started With Prayers

Following the speeches, a turnkey ceremony was performed with the participation of the protocol members. KARSAN Company Sales Manager Kaan Erkırtay, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Aytac Yalcinkaya, Salihli Mayor Zeki Kayda Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Chairman Mümin Deniz presented plaques and flowers. After the plaque ceremony, the members of the protocol were put on the 43 vehicle after the cut and the cut ribbon.

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