Happy end to the Metrobust!

Metrobus, which is indispensable for public transportation, also hosts love at first sight. We reached the story of the young lovers, who waited for the girl he loved in the same stop for hours and reached the happy ending.

Can Mete from the newspaper Habertürk reached the lovers of metrobus!

The first option for those who want to go from one place to another in Istanbul, where traffic has become an indispensable part, is the undisputed metrobus. One thousand regrets who do not use the 1-stop phenomenon that carries 44 million people a day. Those who say “came late to the stop”, “It was empty but it did not stop” to one side, saying “I am old, they did not give place”, “I pressed the button, did not lower it”. As such, metrobus has become a place where we spend most of our life. Also, Efe Alagöz's proposal to marry Gülçin Palak on the 34 BZ line turned the attention to a completely different direction. It turns out that the metrobus has hosted many love stories, from the young man who has opened a website to find the 'gray nail polish girl' he sees, from his youngster, who is looking at his daughter Ekşi Sözlük at first sight. The situation is so serious that the forums opened to find the person he likes are transformed into a tire wheel matchmaker program with their Twitter accounts. As HT Istanbul, we reached a couple whose stories progressed happily after long efforts…


Working in a private bank in Yenibosna, Eren Ü. and Aylin P., a senior student at İstanbul Kültür University, has a common point in metrobus. Eren, stating that his stories started at the Altunizade stop, said: ında I get up and work every morning at the same time. Because my house is far from my job, Every morning I ride the metrobus at the same stop. One morning I saw Aylin eating simit, and that moment came to eye '' he said.


Explaining that he started to be late for work while waiting for Aylin in the following days, Eren said, “When my business life started to affect, I decided to take a step. That morning, I bought 2 bagels and started to wait. We managed to come together in the bellows. When I handed the simit to him, my heart seemed to come out. '' Stating that he couldn't help laughing when he saw the bagels, Aylin said, “I was a little tired that morning, I was late because I decided to go to school at the last minute and I could not buy bagels. When he saw Eren with simit in his hand, it was a really funny atmosphere, it is fate. On their journey of nearly 1 hour sohbet The couple, who were affected by each other, started to go back and forth together in the following days and finally decided to meet one evening.


Eren said, "It is a bit difficult to get courage in such people, but suddenly there was an offer to meet in the evening." In this period, Aylin, who accepted the offer with a rare courage and met with Eren at dinner, said, “I often make fun of saying you made me a bagel. It is possible for man to find love everywhere, but I would never have thought that this would happen in metrobus blindness. ” It seems that not only the seat but also the struggle to grab the heart is given in the metrobus. Although Istanbul residents turn into a big family in fish hoarding vehicles, it seems that both struggles will continue for a longer time…

Source : I www.haberturk.co

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