Meram Son Durak To Have A Different Face

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek, who is conducting investigations on the construction of the underground carpark and cable car station in Meram Son Durak, which is one of the most important touristic areas of Konya, stated that the car park was manufactured to add aesthetics to the region. Noting that the whole of the 6 bored pile with a total length of 427 has been crashed, President Akyürek said that Son Meram Son Durak, after the new regulation, will be operational with its car park, ropeway center, trade and tourism areas with a different face Toplam.

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek examined the construction of the underground car park and cable car station in Meram Son Durak which is the most important resting and touristic area of ​​the city.

President Akyürek pointed out that the need for parking in Meram Son Durak region is increasing day by day. Ne Although we made some arrangements for parking in Tavus Baba region and in the vicinity, the need is increasing day by day. In the area where the former Şükrü Doruk Primary School is located and with the additional expropriation, we are preparing a very large underground car park with 3 floors for our region of Meram. Our car park with a capacity of approximately 700 is also being manufactured in accordance with the construction of the Meram area, the aesthetic of Meram, the construction structure in the region and the construction height. Yaklaşık

Emphasizing that the work will add beauty to the region, President Akyürek said, zam At the same time, we continue with this car park with the Tavus Baba area and other arrangements in the last stop. There are areas we nationalize. There are areas for the facade and landscaping. Hopefully in the 2018, Meram Son Durak will start operating after a new arrangement with its car park, ropeway center, trade and tourism areas. Our car park will also serve as a ropeway. The Meram Tavus Baba Ropeway Line will be started from here. Those who leave the parking lot will have reached the Silver Hill, Tavus Baba and different regions with the cable car. The excavation is currently underway. Currently, the construction work on the excavation of the underground continues at full speed. The total length of the 6 bored stake, which is 427 mile, has been collapsed. Toplam

The underground car park and cable car station, which is being built by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, will cost around 21 million liras.