Good News from Melih Gökçek to New Stop Taxi

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gokcek, YHT Garı (High Speed ​​Train Station) in front of the passenger waiting for passengers and traffic fines for the Trades Taxi stop trades, new stops and gave good news of the storage area.

Mayor Gökçek, who came together at the Metropolitan Municipality with the tradesmen of the Gar Taxi station, which was punished with a traffic ticket of 1 thousand TL in 30 month, while receiving passengers by having to make a mandatory waiting in front of the newly built YHT (high-speed train) Station, said, “If Allah wills, We'll make you a stop in front of it, don't sit in the open. In the middle, there is a hub on Celal Bayar Boulevard. We will make that hub as storage space, there is no other place, ”he said.

After the good news of the President Gokcek, tradesmen, can not hide the joy, "Great president, our president," he cheered. Gokcek, on the show of joy of the tradesmen close to the 200 that filled the hall, said: e You have now been seriously relieved. After that, there is no punishment on this issue. Bundan He always said that they were with the tradesmen. Then the taxi drivers, presented a plaque to President Gokcek.

General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality Asım Balcı, EGO General Director Balamir Gündoğdu, EGO Transportation Head Mümtaz Durlanık, Ankara Police Department Head Abdurrahman Karabudak, Ankara Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans Union President Mehmet Yiğiner also attended.



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