Pink Trambus Application Started in Malatya

2017-2018 Within the scope of the measures taken in relation to the Education Period, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Public Transport Services Motaş AŞ. General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgacı stated that the problems encountered in the transportation of Malatya will be minimized by the measures taken. Tedbir This country is ours and this province is ours. Children to be educated, young people are our sons, our brothers. We expect that they will not have any problems regarding transportation once they are prepared for the future. With this idea, we have taken / received all our measures. We are working to ensure that we do not have a single problem related to public transportation in the new educational period. We made all our plans accordingly, we took all our measures. We've added additional flights to our dense lines. Again, we have revised the number of flights of some of our lines and revised their voyage intervals and revised it as new. Im

Yap Pink Trambus Will Make 8 Expeditions per Day “

In addition, the General Manager of MOTAŞ, who gave information about the trambus system working in the MA-TU-University line, stated that the trambus increased their number of voyages by decreasing the number of voyages to 2017 minutes during the 2018-6 Education period. Tır Our aim is to spend a smooth time in public transportation and to relieve our brothers and sisters in this sense. We made all our plans accordingly. In line with the high demands of female students studying at İnönü University, two pink trambles, specially prepared for women, will start to serve during the new education period with the instructions of our Mayor Ahmet Çakır. Pink TRAMBUS as the first exit point of the first in Turkey again started TRAMBUS System will be implemented in Malatya in Malatya in Turkey will be the station of MAS, as in other TRAMBUS.

Pink Trambus will be used by our female drivers every weekday








17: 00 will do a total of eight times. Good luck to our passengers. Yol



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