Railway extended from Kurtalan to Siirt

AK Party Siirt Deputy Yasin Aktay announced that the project tender was made to extend the railway line from Kurtalan district to Siirt.

Deputy Aktay, in a written statement, TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınHe stated that they have confirmed the latest developments regarding the railway line.

Aktay evaluating the latest studies on the extension of the railway line from Kurtalan to Siirt province, said:
“Our general manager, who stated that the survey studies tendered last year have been completed, stated that they have now realized the project tender of the railway line. When the project works are completed, the construction of the railway line will be started. Our aim is to extend this railway line to Şırnak province and to save Siirt from being a dead end. "




  1. Finally, I am pleased that a service I wrote in my comments on this column became a reality. However, it is necessary to do FDI to Mardin, not to sernak for the Mediterranean ports in the Middle East. Passengers also need the Samsun-Siirt super express train