Koçbay Examined City Transition Project in Akhisar

TCDD İzmir 3rd Region Manager Selim Koçbay examined the city transition project in Akhisar, which is still under construction.

TCDD Izmir 3. Regional Manager Selim Koçbay, Railway Maintenance Service Manager M. Soner Baş, Railway Modernization Service Manager Mustafa Keskin, Real Estate Manager Baki Aktoy and related staff together with Deputy Mayors of Akhisar Latif Cakmak, Ali Velestin, met with Omar Labor and relevant officials.

In the meeting, the road and landscaping works of the new Akhisar station were carried out by the relevant municipality, and the existing lines and the station area to be abandoned after the new and even traffic were discussed were discussed.

Koçbay, Akhisar City Crossing Project and Manisa 3. He examined the line project work on site.



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