Grandchild from CHP: AKP Government Wants to Include İZBAN in Its Own Household

CHP Deputy Chairman Seyit Torun claimed that “The AKP government, which was understood to still not be able to digest the misery in İzmir in local elections, wants to print İZBAN, developed by the Metropolitan Municipality, with its own footsteps.”

CHP Deputy Chairman of Local Governments Seyit Torun Press Release as follows:

Tır İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu was held in Izmir.

As it is known, İZBAN is one of the biggest urban rail transportation systems in Turkey which is located in the suburban line between Aliağa and Selçuk. The idea was founded by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, İZBAN was established with the partnership of TCDD and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's 50 partnerships.

Although Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was the 50 partner of İZBAN, our municipal authorities had to learn from the press about the extension of the line to Selçuk and the invitation was received at 8 September 2017 where the ceremony will be held.

Despite this insolence, we wanted to miss the real owner of İZBAN project, our Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu attended to the ceremony by showing common sense. But Mr Kocaoğlu and the disrespect to him in all manner of Izmir, here on the unfinished platform, brought to the field by the overcrowded crowd was prevented from speaking.

The conduct of these offenses, unfortunately, was before the eyes of many officials, especially the Prime Minister, who participated in the ceremony and did not interfere in any way. The fact that the Prime Minister attempted to justify the event after the Mayor abandoned the ceremony made this sad situation even worse.

I would like to remind the Prime Minister that following all these developments from his seat. The suppressed crowd was prevented from talking to the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and he was selected by taking the play of% 50 of the citizens of İzmir. Moreover, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is represented, is the founder of İZBAN and 50 partner.

In the local elections, the AKP government, which seems to be still unable to digest its troubles in Izmir, wants to print İZBAN, which was developed by the Metropolitan Municipality, with its own foot games.

These efforts are futile; As in the past, today and tomorrow, the most determined response to these foot games will be given by our citizens from Izmir; The municipality and the mayor, who stand next to their people, will not hold the rent.

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