Kadir Topbaş's crazy project 'unproductive' was canceled

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Topbaş was to unite the two continents with a pedestrian tunnel under the Bosphorus. The tender of the project was canceled. Reason; to ensure the efficient use of public resources

Kadir Topbaş, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor AKP's 'crazy project' has been shelved. In April 2016, Topbaş announced its projects related to its third term, which he called “my mastery period” during his 2015 Annual Report presentation at the parliament. He described it as "my crazy project" Kabataş announced the project of creating a walking path through a pedestrian tunnel between Istanbul and Üsküdar for the first time. Speaking on behalf of the CHP Group in the parliamentary session, İBB Council Member Hakkı Sağlam said this project: “We listened to fairy tales from Topbaş. Have you done this work? There is a countercurrent, there are fish, there are living things. ” CHP's “fairy tale”, Topbaş's “crazy project” is called “Kabataş-Üsküdar Pedestrian Tunnel Project ”was put out to tender on 27 March 2017. The tender was canceled by IMM on September 13, 2017. The reason for the cancellation of the tender was explained as “To ensure the efficient and effective use of public resources”.


Before starting the construction of the tunnel, which is planned to be completed in 2019, drilling work had to be done first. Drilling works were tendered at 1 million 2016 thousand liras on 7 December 500.

Source : www.sozcu.com.tr



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