İZBAN Wagons Flooded

İZBAN's wagons in Büyükşehir are flooded due to a fault in the air conditioner. Failure to intervene in the days of malfunction infuriated the citizens.

IZBAN, run by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, flooded in the rain. Citizens of Izmir, who have been victims of frequent deterioration of İZBAN, experience difficulties in transportation due to air conditioners this time. With the absence of air conditioning maintenance, the filters clogged with dust over time also clog the expenses and leak water into the wagon. As a result of the leak, İZBAN wagons returned to the lake. Citizens could not get into the wagons with the ground being water and the seats getting wet. Nurcan Ünal, who uses İZBAN to go to work in the morning and states that they have been experiencing the same problems for two or three days, said, “We have been experiencing the same problems for two or three days. When I got on İZBAN in the morning, I saw that the places were soaking wet. Even the seats were wet. When I raised my head, water was flowing from above like a fountain that remained open. We were surprised what to do. Is it so difficult or maintenance of IZBAN air conditioner? We use the transportation of a municipality that cannot even make the air conditioner. "Who do we entrust our lives to?" On the other hand, it has been learned that the water leakage in the wagons has not been intervened for 3 days, and that the repair could not be carried out since IZBAN had no filter left.

Source : www.sabah.com.t is



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