Tramway Integration with İZBAN Provided

Karşıyaka Passenger transfer system starts between the tram stop Ataşehir stop and İZBAN Mavişehir station. With the 8 transfer application starting from Friday Friday, passengers will be able to access both public transportation systems in the easiest way and this application will meet an important transfer requirement. With İZBAN Karşıyaka Integration between the tram will be provided.

At the Atasehir Tram stop every 10 will take a departure every minute, and the bus will take you to İZBAN Mavişehir stop; İZBAN passengers who want to transfer to the tram to take the Atasehir stop.

Ring flights will start at 06.35 from Ataşehir stop every day and will continue uninterrupted to İZBAN Mavişehir station. From Ataşehir stop to İZBAN Mavişehir station, the last ring flight will be lifted at 00.30.

It will be possible to benefit from 90 minutes transfer application with IZMIRIM cards in the ring bus where valid cards will be used in urban public transportation systems.



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