Konak Tram Street at the Intersection of Gazi Boulevard and Şair Eşref

During the manufacturing works of Konak Tramway, it was the junction that connects Şair Eşref Boulevard and Gazi Boulevard. The traffic flow will be controlled in the area where the two boulevards intersect during the works that will start on Sunday. It is aimed to complete the line laying and landscaping works to be carried out in two stages within 15 days.

A new phase is being started in Konak Tramway, which is being built by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for environmentally friendly, economical and comfortable urban transportation. Within the scope of the project, the Metropolitan Municipality, which started the line production works in Şair Eşref Boulevard, located on the route of Konak Tramway, between Lausanne Square and Alsancak Mosque in the past months and completed it to Gazi Boulevard except Montreux Square, on the other hand, Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard, Gazi He had completed the work between the Boulevard (except road crossings), Alsancak Sait Altınordu - Vahap Özaltay squares. Line manufacturing works are still continuing on the Halkapınar passage bridge between Cumhuriyet Boulevard, Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, Meles Bridge and Halkapınar Warehouse Area.

15 will be completed in the day
On Sunday, September 10, 2017, one of the most critical stages of the project will be passed. Line manufacturing will begin at the intersection of two important arteries in the city center, Şair Eşref Boulevard and Gazi Boulevard. In the first stage, the direction of going to Konak will be closed by one lane and the line works will be started, while the vehicle traffic will be controlled over the two lanes at the intersection. After the completion of the first stage works to be made in the direction of Basmane-Konak, in the second stage, one lane going to Basmane will be closed and line works will be carried out. Vehicle traffic will continue through the two lanes at the intersection in a controlled manner. There will be no lane loss on Gazi Boulevard and on the return from Gazi Boulevard to Şair Eşref Boulevard.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality plans to complete the laying and landscaping works at the intersection of Şair Eşref Bulvarı-Gazi Boulevard in 15 days.

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